Used for watering, fertilizing, propagating, plant growing, diverse methods of growing. 

  • Greenhouse propagation
  • Reforestation nursery irrigation
  • Outdoor field propagation water booms 
  • Irrigator can be equipped with fertilization system
  • Covers large areas as wide as 60 to 80 ft in the field 
  • Travels as far as 500 to 600 feet 
  • Ideal water boom for greenhouse operation
  • Prevents over-watering and over fertilization
  • Hanging basket irrigator is popular 
  • Hanging basket irrigator automatically waters each plant 
  • Hanging basket irrigator is known as the Echo system
  • The Echo Hanging Basket irrigation system can handle any size of hanging basket 
  • Adaptable to quantity of water and fertilizer 
  • Hanging Basket irrigator hangs from the truss of the greenhouse
  • Hanging Basket irrigator travels in a circular motion
  • Our Cherry Creek boom irrigation systems are suspended from overhead
  • Irrigation booms can also be used for fogging and misting. 
  • Irrigation booms are fully automatic
  • Irrigation booms can be design so there are many different operations
  • For various sized pots in the greenhouse 

Prices range from as low as $3,500 to very sophisticated system of $15,000.   Many options available.