Boom Controllers and ECHO Controllers

Boom and ECHO controllerOur Boom controllers and ECHO controllers are user friendly. Screen and keyboard format is easy to decipher and move from option to option, screen to screen. Growers will appreciate that a boom can be taught to anyone, quickly. Upgrades to the program are as simple as removing a chip and replacing it with a new one, allowing greenhouses to have the most up-to-date knowledge in little to no time at all.


EASE-OF-USE: Controllers are easy to learn and navigate with detailed info displayed on screen. Each screen is laid out in detail, giving the user maximum control with little guess work.

TECHNOLOGY: Irrigation controllers are now “smart” in that they can measure out the bay length in feet or meters and memorize it, making the use of magnets a thing of the past. No longer do you have to place magnets all over the bay where you want the boom to water. You just need to key in the location and the boom will do the rest.

CROPS AND AREA: Now it no longer matters if you have one type of plant in your bay or 100! You can water each crop separately from the same boom. The “smart” controllers can be programmed to water up to 100 different areas with up to 16 different watering options for each area.

STEP-STOP-GO WATERING: This is the newest feature that our controllers have to offer. It is a very detailed program that allows growers to separately water each pot that is within the bay. You can choose how much water those pots get by changing how much time the boom stops to water. It can also help in getting your labor force to space those bigger pots quickly and accurately.

AUTOMATION: With a 7 day – 24 hour timing chip in every controller you can be assured that your boom will water what you want, when you want, and how you want. It can be used to root cuttings or add to your general humidity. In just a few keystrokes, you can set your booms to water the next morning, every hour, or every 2 minutes. Whatever your need may be.

Boom controller and ECHO controller