Water Booms For Overhead Irrigation / Spraying / Misting / Fertilization

For Overhead Irrigation / Spraying /
Misting / Fertilization / Overhead Watering


CC Single Rail Boom

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CC Outdoor water boom
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CC Tower Boom
Double Rail Boom
CC Double Rail Boom

We were one of the pioneers in the early 1970’s of water boom irrigation with Weyerhauser, the company growing tree seedlings in North America.

We offer systems from the simple to the highly complex. Consider the following options:

  • Outdoor nursery/field units and indoor/greenhouse units.
  • Units from 1 ft to 42 ft width
  • Truss Hung, Bench, or Floor Mounted, units that attach to columns.
  • With and without injectors
  • Up to 450 ft lengths
  • Speeds up to 90 feet per minute. Very important for seed and plug producers
  • Automatic levels – fixed or variable speeds
  • Spray height can be adjusted.
  • Available with multi-headed plotter and different nozzles for spray of your choice
  • Allows for end nozzle spraying only where inside areas adjacent and very dry.
  • Bypass plumbing allows injector to be moved from unit to unit (injectors optional)
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Up to 5 speed change
  • Water in both directions (not on monorail model) Spray boom can be PVC on stainless steel or brass Suspended system
  • Outdoor nursery bed units Outdoor nursery container systems. Fog and misting booms
  • All units available with optional remote control.

Because of the many possible configurations of water booms, please use our customer information form to make your water boom inquiry.

Water Booms are growing in popularity worldwide, particularly in North America and Europe. Other regions should give serious consideration to such systems.

Our first installation was at the Weyerhauser Tree Seedling Operation in 1973. Since then numerous improvements have been made, since this rather modest beginning. There are many companies producing every type of system from simple “back and forth” systems to robotic controls.

We offer systems for such diverse applications as:

  • Seed Propagation
  • General Irrigation
  • Greenhouse Watering, with or without Fertilization Equipment
  • Tree Seedling Production
  • Outdoor Nursery Beds
  • Market Garden Crops
  • High Value Row Crops
  • Outdoor Container Nurseries


  • Ability to have fertilizer and chemicals injected into the spray booms without having to travel from a remote source.
  • Less fertilizer or chemical to be flushed out of hoses, pipes and spray booms.
  • Less fertilizer and chemicals required. More profit.

Water Boom System Prices and Quotes

Prices range from $3,000 USD to $15,000 USD, depending on use, equipment, and type. Basic units available with future add-on capabilities.

The following information is important. Please give as much information as you have; if for a greenhouse, please use our water boom worksheet.

  1. Outdoors or indoors?
  2. Type of Greenhouse. Brand name if possible.
  3. Length, width, height.
  4. Eave height.
  5. Truss bay spacing.
  6. Bed height/bench height/in floor growing.
  7. Harvest crop height.
  8. Crops and irrigation methods.
  9. Outdoor/Greenhouse/Shade/Agriculture configuration.
  10. Power requirements.
  11. Single or Multiple house system.
  12. Is water filtered?
  13. Fog, Mist, Spray, Irrigation requirements.
  14. Do you want Fertilizing equipment integrated?
  15. Projected date of purchase.
  16. Please supply a sketch of the area to be watered and bed layout or bench arrangement.

Optional equipment that is available on most models. Some options can be added later.

  • Adjustable height booms
  • Booms of stainless steel or PVC
  • Booms equipped with triple head turret nozzles with up to three sizes of spray tips of your choice.
  • Separate inner and outer watering features which permits by-pass watering of areas nearest to aisles and walls )these areas dry faster).
  • Injector mounted chemical/fertilizer injection dispersal
  • Separate left and right water control
  • Separate watering of individual benches
  • Computer integration
  • Separate pesticide boom with quick disconnect to permit easy transfer to other booms
  • Very high upgrade hose handling system
  • Telescoping spray booms
  • Agitators and mixers for dry and wettable powders
  • Transfer dollies or carts for moving from one location to another

We can also design units to fit your special needs

Simple ground unit. Note wheels
mounted on 2×12.5′ inexpensive

Out standing bench unit in Canada.

Click here for greenhouse water boom worksheet.