Water Boom Technology


What is amount of water delivered by the boom system? Also the water pressure required for this system?

All of our systems are built to the customer’s specs and the flow rate or volume is different for every customer. The average for most systems is anywhere from 8 to 20 gallons per minute at a pressure rating of anywhere from 25 psi to 80 psi, depending on your availability (the system can handle up to 120 psi, but we do not recommend this to reduce wear on all of the greenhouses PVC lines).

What does NIC controller and WIC controller mean?

The NIC ( Network) controller is the best option, as it is very easy to use giving you the option of having 60 jobs (crops) in one bay.  This enables you to have different crops and crop times without any problems.  

The WIC controller provides the ultimate in crop control as it uses areas (liner foot measurements) to decipher each crop from one another. This controller has many functions that make it a _stand alone_ in the industry. In short I will name a few: the step / stop / water feature allows the boom to stop on a row of pots, water for a programmed amount of time, and move to the next row (a programmed amount of space) on down the house. This controller is a bit more complicated in its programming, but can be taught to the best of them.

Explanation of the different options:

Pressure regulator
Booms only require 40 to 60 PSI. Use pressure regulator for 80 PSI or more.

Dual Water Mist Upgrade
Means one spray bar has one type of nozzle. Second spray bar on boom has different type of nozzle Spray bars about 3 inches apart. You can go down and back with one spray bar turned on; Next time down and back you can use other spray bar.

Only need Basic Controller to do this.
Each spray bar has its own solenoid valve. Can do 4 spray bars if customer wants, maximum is 4 bars and 4 solenoid valves. If he wants to make stops on way to change which bar, or water something and skip to another area, need NIC controller.

Triple Step/Stop/Water Upgrade.
Requires WIC Controller to make multiple stops and multiple specific areas.

Triple Turret
3 nozzles on 1 body – spraying 1 a time. Tips can be different – have to turn nozzles by hand to get the tip you want to spray.

90 degree hose sweep
Makes turn in pipe so it follows back side of greenhouse so hose is kept out of way. This allows boom to go all way back to within 18 inch of back of greenhouse. Otherwise can only go 10-12 ft from back of greenhouse.

Aside from the galvanized steel tube for the running rail, do you need to purchase any additional accessories to install this boom?

No. we include everything you will need for the system itself. You purchase the steel (as it will be cheaper to get it locally) and run the plumbing and electrical to the system from your greenhouse.

As far as maintenance goes, what kind of maintenance do the engineers suggest to avoid blockage?

We provide an in-line Amiad filter with every system. There are also filters in every spray body. The in-line filter needs to be checked weekly (depending on your water quality) and the body filters checked at least every two to three months.