Water Pressure Washers

Water Pressure Washers and Cleaners
Clean – Sterilize – Disinfect
Degrease – De Gas – De Ice

U.S. Global Resources has offered Sioux hot and cold pressure washers and sterilization systems since 1965 worldwide. 

We offer highest quality and most diverse hot and cold pressure washers in a wide variety of types and sizes. 

For cleaning, sterilizing, disinfecting, to degrease, de-fat and de-ice.  

Over 200 standard models of water pressure washers.

Our water pressure washers and pressure cleaners are used worldwide for many industries.   Sioux pressure washers serve many industries for many different applications.  Our Sioux pressure washers are used by oil companies worldwide and also use for small de-icer companies.  

Sioux pressure cold pressure washers are rated from 2-24 GPM and 500 to 6,000 PSI.   The Sioux pressure washers are available with electric motors, gas engines or diesel engines.  Sioux also has a steam option which produces 290-300 F (145 to 150 C).  

The hot water pressure washers have 2-6 gpm at 212 F (100C), 500 to 3,000 PSI.  

Our Sioux steam cleaners can provide 1.6 to 8 gpm at 100 PSI, 325 F (160 C).  

We also offer the Sioux combination cleaner combines cold pressure washer, hot pressure washer and steam cleaner all in one unit.  Our Sioux hot and cold pressure washers are available on skid, wheels and some are towable.  

Sioux uses sound engineering designs, heavy duty construction and quality components which have been a hallmark of Sioux’s designs since 19329.  Sioux has manufactured equipment designed to operate in deserts, offshore oil platforms, mountaintops, jungles and arctic tundra.   Many Fortune 500 companies purchase Sioux equipment for specific applications.  Sioux has supplied a wide range of standard and custom products to a variety of industries throughout the world. 

We also offer Siebring hot and cold pressure washers.  These are smaller units used by agriculture, greenhouses and nurserymen worldwide and also in other industries where lower volume and PSI are required.  Electric units are available; others are gas.  

Both Sioux and Siebring offer a diverse number of accessories and options.  


  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Mining Equipment
  • Offshore and Onshore Oil Drilling, etc
  • Petroleum refining
  • Ready-mix and precast concrete
  • Food and meat processing plants  
  • Restaurants  
  • Railroad cars 
  • Industrial wastewater equipment
  • Chemical processing plants  
  • Government and military
  • Greenhouses and nurseries 
  • Precious metals mining
  • Manufacturing and production equipment
  • Power plants  
  • Construction equipment
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Forest product and logging equipment
  • Zoos, animal shelters, etc.
  • Dairy equipment
  • Beverage equipment
  • Automotive manufacturing equipment
  • Timber processing equipment
  • Grounds and facilities
  • Transit buses, vehicles, etc. 
  • Hazmat and medical equipment 
  • Marinas, ships and boats
  • Canneries and fish processing facilities
  • Boatbuilding operations 
  • Weed eradication 


  • Over 200 standard models
  • Customized cleaners
  • Hot pressure washers
  • High pressure washers
  • Cold pressure washers
  • Sioux steam cleaners
  • Explosion proof all electric units
  • Combination steam cleaner / pressure washers
  • Efficient sterilization
  • Sioux, the world’s leader
  • Siebring Cold Direct, Siebring Hot Direct
  • Cold water eletric and gas drive models
  • Hot water diesel fired models
  • Pickup-mounted cold water system
  • Outstanding performance


Our leading, best selling pressure

The Sioux cold-pressure washer (pictured above)