Abous Sioux Pressure Washers Cleaners


We represent Sioux Corporation in distributing their hot and cold pressure washers, steam cleaners, cold water washers, pressure cleaners of all types in a wide variety of industries. They are often required for oil offshore and onshore operations.   They are also very popular in waste water treatment plants, aircraft and airline maintenance and ground support.  One of the biggest uses of the Sioux pressure washers are for pulp, paper and forest logging equipment users.   Also the pressure washers and cleaners are used by manufacturing companies such as automotive industries, railroad car cleanup, chemical and pharmaceutical processing plants and many other uses. Pressure washers used extensively by government and military.  Government pressure washers are used for a wide variety of cleanup anywhere where hot water pressure washing is required.  

Our pressure washers are very popular with military for use on military bases, military vehicles and variety of oil spill cleanup on military bases.  

In agriculture pressure washers are used extensively in dairy buildings, animal confinement buildings where smaller sizes use are often used.   There is constant production of government and military pressure washers.  

We have used and sold Sioux pressure washers worldwide in our design to operate in deserts, offshore platform, mountain top and the Arctic Tundra.