Weed Barrier

Weed Barrier
Erosion Control Ground Cover
Drainage Control Landscape Fabrics

Farm & Nursery Growing Area

Nursery Growing AreaRugged weed fabric covers thousands of acres. Professional nurseries and farms use PAK weed control fabric with absolute confidence, knowing it will block weed growth for years. Our fabric is built tough with UV resistant, industrial-grade polypropylene and is manufactured with a special weave that blocks light from weeds, inhibiting photosynthesis. It also allows water to drain, which helps prevent standing water puddles and the associated disease, mildew and insects.

Farm and growing area weed barrierBecause our weed control fabric is so much less expensive than cement or rock, it is perfect for large scale, multiacre growing areas. PAK weed control fabric will give you a cleaner and more attractive growing environment. Our fabric also greatly reduces the labor and costs associated with weeding and spraying. Available in super wide widths.

Recommended Fabrics: B.11 Ground Cover, B.14 Masterscape Landscape Fabric.

B.02 Shadehouse Weed Control and Greenhouse Weed Control

Shadehouse and Greenhouse Weed ControlProtect your valuable covered growing area from weeds. To preserve your structure’s clean appearance and help ensure weedless, dry growing surfaces, PAK offers a range of weed control fabrics. Our weed-blocking fabrics are made of heavy duty, UV resistant polypropylene, which can be constructed with reinforced seams for added durability and wider widths. Our fabric also allows water to drain easily which reduces problems associated with standing water. Not only are our weed control fabrics low maintenance and easy to clean, they can also greatly reduce your need for dangerous sprays and laborious hand weeding. Our customers have found that this fabric is even strong enough to withstand small equipment running across it.

Recommended Fabrics: B.11 Ground Cover, B.13 White Ground Cover, B.14 Masterscape Landscape Fabric

B.03 Mulch Fabrics

Mulch FabricsGive your crops an advantage. PAK’s all-weather fabric mulch strips help eliminate laborious hand weeding and costly herbicide spraying while keeping sensitive root zones from being trampled due to weeding foot traffic. These strips enrich soil by suppressing competing weeds, reduce excessive evaporation and help shield plants from contact with damp soil. They also help maintain soil humidity and root zone temperature. The PAK difference: our fabric strips are made of premium UV resistant, woven polypropylene as opposed to common garden-variety plastic. PAK’s design allows water and nutrients through to the plant roots. We also carry ground staples (item H.13) for quick and secure installation.

Recommended Fabrics: B.11 Ground Cover