About Dura Benches


Dura Bench is an outstanding innovative plastic bench top. Dura Bench is extremely heavy duty. Dura Bench greenhouse bench tops are long lasting, not affected by corrosion or chemicals degradation. For those making their own benches, Dura Bench tops should be considered. For those wishing to buy tops for existing benches, buying greenhouse Dura Bench is a smart choice.

Dura Bench for outdoors and retail display benches is growing in popularity. Dura Bench has great weatherability, extremely sturdy and definitely built for outdoor use. Snap together, allows for easy assembly and teardown. Dura Bench tops comes in 2 x 4 ft sections. Particularly ideal for nursery and outdoor users; for example, L-Angle is laid on concrete block or if you are using wooden benches, the Dura Bench is an excellent product. These 2 x 4 panels clip together to make wide and long benches. Dura Bench panels are made with very strong high density plastic.

Dura benches come in two models:

Most greenhouse bench manufacturers and those in current use have outside dimensions, for example, of 2, 4, 5, 6 ft and have raised edges such as welded wire and expanded metal are sized smaller to fit inside the bench. THE DURA BENCH PRODUCTS ARE EXACTLY 2 FT X 4 FT SECTIONS. We offer ready made benches designed for the Dura Bench, meaning that the bench holds the 2 x 4 ft insert and is slightly larger to accommodate the product.

Dura Bench tops are popular with schools and institutions because of the ease of assembly. Special orders of certain colors available for large purchases.

Bench design considerations