Benches Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal
Greenhouse Benches

USGR offers a wide variety of crop growing and display benches for greenhouse, nursery and indoor growing facilities including stationary, rolling top, Ebb & Flo and hydroponic growing. USGR has been instrumental in the development of moveable bench systems and introducing new innovative bench materials and accessories since 1970.


Our standard rolling benches Engineered and manufactured with grower’s needs in mind. Starting with space and crop optimization. Rolling bench systems offer 25-30% more room for plants. All bench materials are supplied pre-punched for easy installation.


Our stationary benches are built tough, from the ground up. Legs are heavy gauge galvanized steel. Tube ends are capped to seal out moisture and chemicals. Steel aluminum trays resist chemicals and water that corrode other benching systems.

  • Continuous Air Flow – Reduces fungus by allowing unrestricted air passage.
    Also allows for even distribution of heat and light.
  • Long Life – Hot Dip Zinc coating practically eliminates the need for
    replacement. Also available plain if customer desires to galvanized or
    paint locally.
  • Drainage – 76% open area allows easy drainage.
  • Strong – Pots sit level.
  • Versatile – No spacing problems.
  • No Maintenance – Soil and water drop right through the bench – eliminating
    weed, soil and water accumulation.
  • Light Weight – 94 lb. per one hundred square feet.
  • Replacement – Usually can be adapted to existing frames.
  • Low Cost – You’ll find this bench to be more economical than most bench
    material now used.

Dramex Expanded Metal – 13 gauge – 3/4″

  1. Manufactured from 13 ga. carbon steel, hot dip galvanized.
  2. Support materials and aluminum extrusion edging by others.
  3. Available in stock panels (4′ x6′ or 6′ x 6′) or custom sizes for individual

Bench design considerations