Victory Bulk Cart


Bulk Cart
Heavy duty cart for greenhouse, nursery, hospitals, warehouse, grocery stores, etc.
  • All steel construction
  • 24″ x 48″
  • 8″ solid casters (2 swivel, 2 rigid)
  • Swivel casters on front for easy mobility
  • Hot dip galvanized
  • Heavy duty cart for moving stone slabs, furniture, large appliances and large plants, etc.
  • Ideal for greenhouse, nursery, garden centers, warehouse, hospitals, etc.
  • Up to 500 lbs. capacity

Many of our carts have a variety of wheel offerings to meet the needs not only of those for concrete and indoor shopping carts. We have carts of all sizes to meet the need for plant and for other plant transportation. Our shopping carts specially designed to carry maximum quantity of plants.

We have exceptional line of transportation carts designed for the standard 10 20 flat and also have 24, 26, and 44 inch wide transportable carts. All of these carts are available with different size wheels depending upon the weight required.

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