About Wadsworth

About Wadsworth Control Systems

We have been Wadsworth Control Systems dealer for over 50 years. They introduced the Wadsworth 50 A and 500 many years ago and they dominated the greenhouse, nursery and garden center market. Wadsworth Controls were extremely popular for environmental control systems in schools, institutions and government greenhouse research centers. Wadsworth Environmental Control System was originally used to control all environments for greenhouses but expanded quickly into control of heating, cooling, temperature and all types of controls.

The Wadsworth greenhouse controllers can control up to over 25 operations in the greenhouse, nursery, school, institution and is very popular in USDA, ARS, APHIS, etc., government facilities. EnviroStep replaces the Step 50. The EnviroStep along with the Seed and Seed 16 gives Wadsworth the top of the line integrated greenhouse and nursery Climate Control Plant System. EnviroStep, VeriStep compete with Micro Grow and Argus control systems where as the Seed and Seed 16 are different from Micro Grow and Argus. Argus is a Canadian company, Wadsworth is All American products. Wadsworth is the largest greenhouse, nursery, garden center control suppliers in the horticultural industry.

StepUp by Wadsworth is a new addition. The StepUp control is simple and great for schools and institutions. It can be integrated or stand alone system, it is simple but reliable. VeriStep is multi-zone. With the VeriStep you get 24 outputs. The VeriStep is an upgrade over the EnviroStep. Our clients say tat Seed Controller is simple to operate. Just plug in the Seed Controller and you are good to go. Seed has 16 outputs. The Seed 16 lower your environmental cost.

Wadsworth Control Systems

Imagine a controller that offers simple, flexible climate management and excellent results. With the STEP Up you’ll see improved performance and increased profits. Like traditional staged controls, it’s simple to use, and we’ve added a brighter LCD screen and an upgraded user interface, both designed to improve your experience.

A remarkable new touchscreen climate control with a user interface that makes managing growing environments child’s play. Engineered for power; designed for ease.

Introducing Seed V2 which has even more capabilities and power than the original.

Seed 16®
All of the sophistication and ease of Seed, trimmed down to suit your needs. With 16-outputs and 16-inputs, configured any way you’d like, this is the solution smaller operations have been looking for. Starting out small but planning for growth? Seed 16 helps you plan for the future with a lower entry price and expandability.

Flexible and powerful, this multi-zone control gives you the ability to divide its 24 outputs any way you’d like between one and eight zones. This is the perfect control for greenhouses with more equipment than will fit on an EnviroSTEP control or for growers with multiple zones.

Wadsworth designed this advanced integrated controller to offer flexibility and functionality. And it bears the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) mark, your assurance of regulatory approval and safety.

Wadsworth supplies USGR with many of its operating systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and other environmental control systems including but not limited to irrigation, fog, misting, etc. Wadsworth greenhouse and nursery controls are very familiar with all the operating systems that U.S. Global Resources and our suppliers offer. Wadsworth controls provide exacting integrated systems for operation of all your greenhouse components.

Wadsworth Power Pull Shade and Heat Retention Systems for greenhouses have been mainstay of the industry for many years. Wadsworth Controls has greenhouse operating controllers from simple heat and cooling to very complex total environmental systems for large multi hectare greenhouses. USGR has installed Wadsworth Control Systems to operate our equipment in numerous institutions, government facilities, Botanical Gardens. We strongly urge all of our clients to consider the Wadsworth controls and energy curtains because they are almost maintenance free, long life and operate with amazing degrees of accuracy. Testament to this is Wadsworth controls that USGR installed in a 50,000 sq ft greenhouse in Lhasa, Tibet in 1980. Spare parts were not called for until 1999.