Stqandard conveyorOur product conveyors are great for moving products of different sizes and shapes from point A to Point B with a minimal amount of effort and labor. Some of our conveyors are portable, easily moved from location to location. Our product conveyors can move product easily on legs and some move product on the ground efficiently and over long distances when layout properly engineered and designed. The mobile product conveyors for warehouses are light weight and ideal for loading and unloading trucks. Most of our product conveyors were originally designed for the transportation of products used in greenhouses, nurseries and agriculture. They have been adapted to transport a wide variety of product in many industries.

We offer a wide variety of conveyors from stock sizes of 16 inch by 6 ft, 11 ft and 16 and everything in between. We can supply conveyors to fit every application, both roller and powered in the following:

Configurations: Custom Material Handling for:

Three Phase conveyors
Single phase conveyors
Any voltage available
Variable speed
Conveyors with rails
Conveyors for turning product
Any width by special order
Systems of any length
With casters for portability

Soil of various consistencies
Wood, sawdust, plywood
Most warehouse materials
Liquids and some chemical products
All greenhouse applications
Any type of belting
Truck loading/unloading
Shelf re-stocking

The Add-A-Veyor/Porta-Veyor greenhouse conveyors and nursery conveyors are great labor-savers and we have designs that are particularly adapted to various greenhouse and nursery material handling. Whether you are using it in greenhouse for transporting flats or pots, or using it in the nursery for conveying large trees or boxes of plants, we have the conveyors that will exceed your expectations.

In the area of soil handling, we have greenhouse and nursery conveyors that can be used to convey product to potting, seeding and mixing systems to carrying product through these operations and delivering the finished product to a loading area for a complete soil processing system.

We have many clients using our conveyors in conjunction with our bagging equipment. That only conveys the finished bag product but conveys the loose product from mixers to the bagging operation.

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Portable conveyor folded for transit