Electric Utility Vehicles Carts


USGR offers Pack Mule warehouse electrical utility burden vehicles for shipment worldwide. The Stock Chasers, Burden Carrier, Tow Vehicles and Personnel Carriers are American made and electrically operated. These electrical warehouse vehicles are popular in many industries. The Stock Chaser is versatile and very popular. The Burden Carrier carries extremely heavy loads and is one of the best material handling utility vehicles in the industry. They have been offered more than 50 years, both domestically and internationally. All of the electrical utility vehicles carry a 3 year comprehensive warranty. Being electrical burden vehicle, there is zero emission.

These commercial vehicles can carry product, personnel and all kinds of material and have long operational time. We offer large cargo deck, turning radius and superior steering on all of our warehouse electrical utility burden vehicles. Special design is available.

Electric carts

For those requiring pallet trucks, we have a wide selection of pack mule pallet trucks. Pallet jacks come in a variety of sizes for a variety of uses. Pallet Mule, pallet jack will handle any roll, reel or coil.