About Electrical Utility Vehicles


Our electrical utility vehicles are used in many industries worldwide. These utility electrical vehicles are UL approved and Class H insulated. Motors are totally sealed and enclosed for easy maintenance. Electric utility vehicles are available from 24 volt, 5 HP to 48 volt, 10 HP units. Maximum speed varies by which electric utility vehicle chosen and range from 7 mph for 5 HP to about 15 MPH for 10 HP.

All of our warehouse utility vehicles have sealed 360 amp solid state controllers. You will find our warehouse utility vehicles are available in a wide range of sizes with over 20 options.

The Stock Chaser is one of the most popular units in America. Stock Chaser carries a heavy load. Stock Chaser also has a very tight turning radius. Our Stock Chaser comes single deck or double deck and can be designed to meet customer specifications. The Stock Chaser and cargo carrier as well as other units make great towing vehicles. One unit is a specific two seater but all can be designed for towing various amounts and weight of product.

We can design warehouse electrical vehicles to meet most any conditions that meet our customer’s needs.

Expect years of rugged durability because our electric utility vehicles are built to withstand the tough demands of industrial use.


Our fully integrated Performance Plus Direct Drive System provides unsurpassed performance, efficiency and reliability. Plus the sealed motor, controller and transaxle mean you can enjoy trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance over the life of the vehicle.

Our green-friendly vehicles produce zero-emissions, making them good for the environment and an invaluable asset to companies that are committed to environmental stewardship.


From the dual front wheels to the tamper-proof controller, all Wesley vehicles are meticulously designed for increased stability and safety.

Our numerous programmable features provide maximum adaptability to any application and safe vehicle operation for your employees.

Smart to Own

Because our vehicles are built to be reliable, durable and economical to maintain, you are assured of:

  • Reduced down time
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Greater productivity
  • Increased profit

Our Design Process

Unlike typical manufacturers, we welcome the opportunity to create custom solutions.

Step 1: Imagine the possibilities. What if you could have an electric vehicle that was made just the way you wanted it? You can! So, think about what best fits your needs, and let us worry about what’s possible.

Step 2: We listen. Then, we design and build a solution that is perfect for tour application and environment.

Step 3: You enjoy your custom equipment, knowing it was made with the same commitment to durability, safety and reliability given to our standard products.