Packmule Electric Tugger Tow Tractors


Pack Mule Electric Tuggers provide extra run time and outperform the competition all day long, day in and day out. Our electric tugger models are tough and reliable. Our tow tractors are available in AC as well as DC models.

Pack Mule Electric Tuggers are designed to tow heavy loads in rugged environments, so they are tough, yet simple to operate. Our 36 and 48 Volt model industrial tow tractors have the power to pull while regenerative braking and our single accelerator/brake pedal assure safe stopping. Plus, they are green-friendly! Zero emissions means they’re safe for people and the environment. Built for durability, these electric vehicles provide years of safe, dependable service. Why Buy a PACK MULE Electric Tugger? Our tow tractors are designed to pull trailers and carts carrying heavy loads within industrial facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and other commercial and industrial environments. Compared to competitors’ products, we offer significant advantages, including:

  • Dual front wheels for added stability, tracking and carrying heavy loads
  • Tighter turning radius for operating in confined spaces
  • Choice of stand-up (PMT-5000) or sit down (PMT-4500) models
  • Universal hitch plate allows height adjustments to be fit load
  • 36” wide vehicle for added stability and deck space
  • Front and rear cargo decks for convenience and extra capacity
  • Towing capabilities up to 5,000#
  • Programmable controller – affording independent settings for maximum speed, separate forward and reverse speeds, acceleration rate, braking and safety features
  • Multiple voltages available to match usage conditions and runtime requirements
  • Heavy 14 gauge, all steel frame – no plastic or composite materials
  • Regenerative braking
  • Top quality components


Pack Mule Industrial Tow Tractors are great a towing trailers, carts, bins and wagons in warehouses, distribution centers, factories, lean and just-in-time manufacturing, hospitals, hotels, amusement parks, and waste disposal facilities. Our electric tugger comes in a variety of towing capacities for towing trailers, carts, wagons and dollies. They can pull trains of trailers and carts. They are great at pulling trains of positive tracking trailers or carts, making milk runs to meet the demanding requirements of just in time, lean manufacturing and distribution. Our tow tractors can sweep through distribution centers to pick up order picking carts that have been filled and are ready to be moved to the shipping area. All Pack Mule Tow Tractors are designed and built to perform safely and consistently all day every day, with the industry leading three year comprehensive warranty and the most professional service and support in the industry. Our electric tugger even comes in highly efficient AC models as well.