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AgHort offers energy-efficient methods for creating the ideal indoor climate for livestock and plants. Indoor climate has a major impact on livestock welfare, which in turn affects the feed/growth ratio. By this means, productivity is affected, which has a major financial significance for animal breeders. A similar relationship applies to the greenhouse industry. Munters’ product portfolio includes fans, cooling pads, air intakes, heaters and control equipment. Combined, they offer the potential to create complete systems to control the climate in facilities for livestock breeding and greenhouse cultivation. The two basic technologies are evaporative cooling methods and specially adapted heaters.  In addition to the greenhouse, agricultural and animal environmental control systems, Munters has also been very successful in emerging nations where the fan and pad environmental control systems are used in such diverse industries as garment factories, product warehouse and other industries where evaporative cooling contributes to personnel comfort, temperature control which requires large area control and economical installation.

Munters CELdek pads set the standards for evaporative cooling pad material worldwide without exception.   No other pad system can meet the efficiency, low maintenance and life of the Munters CELdek material and cooling pad components.

Munters Aghort division which incorporates Euroemme fans, a recent Munters acquisition has state of the art fan manufacturing facility from which we ship their equipment worldwide.   The Euroemme fans have many unique features, one of which is their patented centrifugal system for opening and closing shutters, an outstanding product that contributes to higher efficiency and long life of the shutter.   Munters also pioneered cone fans that are very popular in the poultry industry.   Munters and its subsidiary, Euroemme, can be found in large volume in almost every country in the world.

The Munters AgHort division also known as HumiCool Division sets the standards for indoor climate for plant cultivation and livestock breeding.   Munters focuses very heavily on energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.  The HumiCool Division has been a pioneer and leads the world in technology of evaporative cooling for every diverse climate.

We are honored to represent Munters AgHort HumiCool Division worldwide by not only providing the Munters HumiCool products, but we also offer over 50 years of engineering and design capabilities of providing extensive technology in controlling the environment on a wide variety of greenhouse crops and animal growth in all climates of the world with a wide variety of other products including, but not limited to heating, ventilation, project development, greenhouse and agricultural structures and systems.

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