About Acrylic Glazing Sheets


Acrylic glazing is used in many industries.   High light transmission, non yellowing and non degrading, very strong impact, anti condensate technology.   When considering clear, permanent or diffused light covering, acrylic would be an outstanding choice.  In the marketplace, acrylic glazing will compete with polycarbonate.   We offer special acrylic for greenhouse application.  Greenhouse acrylics are acceptable and ultimate choice of the most successful greenhouse producer. 

Acrylic glazing materials have longest life of any greenhouse covering with exception of glass, but advantages of greenhouse acrylic are far superior to that of glass. Now high impact corrugated acrylic is available.    Corrugated acrylic is the most durable product on the market. Those needing heat savings often favor the twin wall glazing.  Twin wall glazing comes in various thicknesses.  Both corrugated and twin wall acrylic are becoming extremely popular.  When using acrylic coverings, there are special extrusions required.  We can design greenhouse covering systems to give you the most advantageous price and labor saving installation construction.  

We also offer acrylic glazing for other industries and frequently called upon for acrylic glazing engineering and design for other industrial and commercial use. 

Our experience in providing U.S. government, particularly USDA with the acrylics they specify for their research greenhouses, many institutions also prefer acrylic covering for their greenhouses for the reasons of extreme durability and easy maintenance.   Government and institutional use of acrylic is one where the demand is greatest.   We can direct you to many institutions and government agencies that prefer and use acrylic panels.