About Greenhouse Coverings


U.S. Global Resources offers greenhouse coverings, polyethylene film, rigid panels for greenhouses of all types.

Polyethylene and poly are one of the most popular clear coverings and the poly film for greenhouse coverings are the least expensive.

Poly greenhouse films comes in many different widths and lengths.

Some poly greenhouse films are double layer poly film.

White greenhouse poly is popular in high light; white poly reduces light.

Our most popular film is Tufflite IV. Tufflite IV poly greenhouse covering is used worldwide.

Tufflite poly comes in 3, 4, 6, 8mil thickness. We have shipped Tufflite Poly to over 80 countries.Tufflite greenhouse film is warranted for 4 years but Tufflite has lasted as much as 8 years in some parts of the world.

Lexan polycarbonate is the most popular polycarbonate for greenhouse, industrial applications of all types. We have offered Lexan polycarbonate for greenhouse and industrial use since 1980.Polygal is our second choice and is also very popular. Polygal and Lexan are used in both agriculture and greenhouse use. Lexan has more products for the industrial use. Whether the use is for industrial polycarbonate or agricultural use and whether using Lexan or Polygal, these two companies have the best polycarbonate warranties. We also have the accessories for Lexan brand and Polygal line. Polygal offers the outstanding Meg-A-Lock locking system for twin wall and triple wall polycarbonate panels.

Polycarbonate greenhouse coverings are rigid structured panels. Polycarbonate sheets and panels are available in many different lengths and widths.Greenhouse polycarbonate has life expectancy of 10 to 20 years.

Corrugated polycarbonate not only offers light diffusion.Both corrugated and twin wall polycarbonate have non drip benefits. Corrugated polycarbonate is very easy to cut and install. We offer glues, closures and other accessories when customers buy corrugated polycarbonate.Greca corrugated polycarbonate sheets are the most popular. Sinus corrugated polycarbonate have been replaced by Greca corrugated panels.Polycarbonate greenhouse panels are also used in many industries.

Polycarbonate is also available in multi wall materials. Twin wall polycarbonate is often referred to double layerpolycarbonate panels.Double layer polycarbonate or twin wall polycarbonate reduces heat loss.Heat loss from using double or triple wall polycarbonate can be as much as 50% when using triple wall polycarbonate panels.The double and triple wall polycarbonate go up to 24 mm

Acrylic: Acrylic is not only for use in greenhouse, nursery and agriculture, but also very popular industrially because acrylic is extremely long lasting product.Some acrylic will last up to 40 years.Evonik is the most popular brand and is product of Cyro Corporation. We have been Evonik and Cyro acrylic agents for over 30 years. Acrylics like polycarbonate are available in many lengths and width.Whether using Cyro acrylic special accessories are required, not only to contribute to the very long life of acrylic panels. Acrylics are available in flat sheets, twin wall and corrugated is available.Acrylic for greenhouse and industrial uses, are quite expensive the benefits are longer life and clarity which is important.

Insect Screen: Insect screen also often called sun screen, and pest nets are used to cover greenhouses that are generally simple construction. Insect sun screen nets are made in many different hole sizes. Insect screen and nets protect crops from anything from large moths to microscopic thrips. The smaller the hole on the insect screen net, the greater the reduction of air flow. Pest control screens and nets vary in price depending upon size of the hole. Greenhouses using insect sun screen net fabrics are popular because for organic and environmental reasons. The results when using these screens and nets reduces pesticide applications.We have insect sun screen nets for most known predators.

Shade Material: Shade material is basically used as a shade to reduce on lights in the greenhouse.We have over 200 types of shade screen material, in a variety of colors and offer shade and sun protection from 10% shade to 95% shade. Shade materials are woven and knitted.Woven materials are least expensive; knitted materials are more expensive but easier to install.You can fabricate knitted and woven greenhouse shade screens in many different sizes or lengths. Also we can hem, sew or grommet all material. New shade screens are available in white and black to reflect light, whereas and knitted material, generally black and shade crops, but also radiate heat.

Metal Roofing and sidewall material.  We offer metal structured panels for coveringgreenhouses used for offices, warehouses, potting areas and head houses.   Product comes in a variety of configurationsthat are both decorative and utilitarian.

We offer a wide variety of greenhouse coverings that includethe following:

  • Poly/UV/IR/Dripless/White andother colors, 3 mil (75 mm) to 10 mil (250 mm) thickness.  Special lengths and special widths to meetall sizes of greenhouse. We also offer a fine Poly Locking System.
  • Our polycarbonate structured panelsfor greenhouse coverings cover a wide variety of options, including clear andcolored corrugated panels of both Greca and Sinus and structured panels rangingfrom 4 mm to 16 mm double and triple wall.
  • Acrylic.  For those clients that are looking for 30 to40 year life, heavy impact resistant material and the highest qualitygreenhouse covering, acrylic greenhouse coverings are becoming more popularparticularly with institutions, industrial and garden center buyers.
  • Insect Screens.  Insect screens come in a variety of lengthsand widths and can be fabricated to meet most greenhouse conditions.   Insect screens are available to reject suchlarge insects as bees, mosquitos, etc, to extremely small insects such asthrip.  SPECIAL NOTE:   Insectscreens require special engineering and design to compensate for reduced airflow.   USGR specializes in engineeringand designing of insect screens for all crops in all types of greenhouses.
  • Shade Material:Weoffer shade material and shade systems for all types of applications.  Shade Materials come in a variety ofmaterials, woven, knitted, etc, in various colors for special uses and in avariety of shade percentages.   We havesolid material, or open mesh.  We havescreens that reflect light for cooling the greenhouse and shade materials thatare used internally for shading and heat retention.   We offer over 300 options of shadingproducts.  All can be fabricated to yourspecifications.
  • Metal Roofing and sidewall material.  We offer metal structured panels for coveringgreenhouses used for offices, warehouses, potting areas and head houses.   Product comes in a variety of configurationsthat are both decorative and utilitarian.

USGR can provide attaching and other accessories for use ongreenhouse coverings.  We can alsoprovide technical information.