About Polyethylene Poly Film Geenhouse Coverting


USGR has a wide variety of horticultural and agricultural poly with a focus on greenhouse films in this section.   Greenhouse films are shipped from warehouses and factories around the world closest to the grower to reduce freight costs.   Tufflite products are of exceptional quality for proper light transmission and long life.   We tested films from a wide variety of sources and countries and our research indicates that Tufflite is far and away the best product on the market.   

We have films that are designed to last one year and others with warranties up to 4 years, but very often last 6 to 8 years depending upon the local weather conditions and if properly installed.  

Our greenhouse poly comes in a wide range of widths and lengths; we offer films that meet manufacturer’s requirements of such companies as Agra-Tech, Conley, Nexus, Rough Bros, X.S. Smith, Poly-Tex, Richel, Filcair and most other international greenhouse manufacturers, such as Canadian, Dutch, Spanish, all European suppliers.  We offer an exceptional Poly Locking System for use with the poly film.

Different crops and locations in the world have different micron/millage poly thickness needs.  The most popular greenhouse film in North America is 6 mil (150 to 160 micron), but there are also areas where such as Florida where some 3 mil (75 micron) film is used and 4 mil (100 micron).   Internationally 200 micron (8 mil) is used extensively.  We also offer poly from our international factory material measured in meters.  

Special runs of materials to meet lengths and widths are possible, domestically and internationally, providing certain minimums are met.  On lengths, sometimes that minimum is as low as 5 or 6 rolls.   Special widths and unusual widths minimums can be as much as 60,000 to 80,000 sq ft (6,000 to 8,000 sq mt).