Metal Wall Roof Panels

Preformed metal wall, metal roof, metal panels from McElroy Metal, Inc.

  • 10 different configurations
  • Serious gauges
  • Over 35 years of quality service
  • Low minimums
  • 15 colors to choose from
  • 6 North American warehouses
  • Many color in stock
  • Cut to length but not angle cut
  • Accessory color screens flashing etc.

The symmetrical design of McElroy’s Mini-Rib panel contributes to high-strength and tremendous versatility of application. While Mini-Rib is appealing for fascia or soffit, its smooth appearance also makes it ideal for liner, accent
or wall applications.


General Load Table Notes

  1. All calculations of properties of panels are calculated in accordance with Specifications for the design of light gauge cold formed steel structural members published by the American Iron and steel institute (AISI) and guidelines established by the metal building component manufacturer’s association (MBCMA) . Wind loads and deflection loads are limited by a deflection of L/180, except mega rib which is L/120
  2. Values shown as allowable loads are based on panes covering three or more equal continuous spans. Multiply values shown by 0.8 for tow span condition.
  3. Allowable loads ( deflection) for wind shown have been increased by 33 1/3 %
  4. For wind loads stress only, multiply live load ( stress ) by 1.33
  5. Weight of panels must be deducted form values to obtain net allowable load

The design of McElroy’s mac-Rib panel provides a truly versatile roof and wall
panel. With seven major ribs per sheet, 6″ on center, Mac-Rib offers exceptional strength and beauty in a low-profile, economical product.

Multi-Rib is one of the most versatile members of the McElroy family of quality products. It is truly a multi-use wall and roof panel whose applications span a tremendous variety of commercial and industrial construction projects. Multi-Rib’s superiority as a roofing panel is proven by compliance with the rigid Underwriters’ Laboratories UL-90 wind uplift tests. An ideal combination of strength and beauty make Multi-Rib an equally popular choice for wall applications.

McElroy’s Max-Rib profile is one of the most popular and most copied panel profiles in the metal construction industry. Well-suited to the commercial, industrial and post-frame markets, Max-Rib is also enjoying tremendous growth in popularity as a residential roofing panel.

In Northern Hemisphere many growers cover north walls and
ends with insulated McElroy’s panels

No building project is complete until the finishing touches are applied.

As a premier product in McElroy’s line McElroy’s Trim designs offer clean, crisp lines that complement any building reject. Utilizing true state-of-the-art
computerized manufacturing facilities, McElroy Trim Designs are produced in a wide variety of shapes and forms, and in popular finishes and exciting colors.

McElroy has other rib configurations available. Contact us for types. May Colors to choose from.

Wall and roof panels cut to exact lengths. Angles cut on site.

Siliconized Polyester Colors
Tudor Brown
Timber Tan
Architectural Red
Light Stone
Brite White
Kynar 500 / Hylar 5000 Colors
Brick Red
Matte Black
Ash Gray
Tudor Brown
Stratford Brown
Patina Green
Light Stone
Regal White
Colonial Red
Patrician Bronze
Burnished Slate
Dark Bronze
Brite Red
Regal Blue
Roman Blue
Surrey Beige
Sierra Gold

Color samples are printed using modem printing methods and are matched under commercial fluorescent lighting. They are intended as a general guide for initial color selection only. For color matching, please request an actual color chip.