Polyethylene Film Overview

Polyethylene (Poly) Film
Greenhouse Covering Overview

We have polyethylene (poly) available for agriculture, nurseries, greenhouses, reforestation and sell our polyethylene (poly) worldwide. One of our largest markets is poly film greenhouse covering available in all different sizes and types for poly covered greenhouses. Poly is available from European poly manufactures as well as Asian poly sources.

Greenhouse poly is made to last one year, very popular in agriculture, poly with U.V. inhibitors that are popular on poly greenhouses have life expectancy of 4 years. Many of the 4 year poly applications will last 6 to 7 years if they are from high quality poly manufacturer, such as Tufflite. Most greenhouse manufacturers such as Agra-Tech, Nexus, Rough Bros, X.S. Smith, Poly-Tex, Richel, Filcair, Azrom to name a few, build greenhouses that are designed for poly as well as for polycarbonate, acrylic and glass.

We offer outstanding polyethylene (poly) particularly Tufflite IV that will fit on all these greenhouses mentioned above.

Poly film for the agricultural and horticultural business comes in a variety of colors. White poly film is used, for example, for crops requiring a lot of shade. Black poly film is used for photosynthesis or used as ground cover for heating the soil and protecting against weeds, etc.

Greenhouse film is available in various micron and mm. The most popular greenhouse film in North America is the 6 mil, generally 150 micron. Internationally, 200 micron is used extensively, because international poly film does not contain as much long life properties. Poly film is available for hobby greenhouses, but most manufacturers have minimum length of 100 ft.

U.S. Global Resources poly has more widths and lengths more than most greenhouse poly suppliers, because of the machines area capable of making so many different widths to meet all greenhouse manufacturers structure. Whatever width and length of your green house structures, we have poly film that will cover your crop, equipment, agricultural storage, and for a wide variety of agricultural uses.