Polylock Locking System



The Best Poly Fastener on The Market Today

All Aluminum Self Locking Parts

  • 12′ base section and easy to install 2′ top sections
  • No clips to cut poly and no inserts to lose their shape
  • Reusable season after season

Self Shading

  • Protects poly from ultra violet rays
  • Prevents harmful heat build – up at critical holding points

Quick, Easy Installation

  • No special tools required to install or remove

How Agra Lock Works

Agra lock base

Agra lock 12′ base extrusion may be fastened to wood or steel and will form over arches.

Agra lock top

Easy to handle 2′ tops snap-lock polyethylene into base at sides and gutters. Easy to handle 1′ tops snap – lock polyethylene into arched base at gable arches and splices.

Firm lock

Three points of contact hold polyethylene firmly without pinching or weakening. Along lasting firm grip is achieved with Agra lock

Tension locking action

Under tension from inflation the tongue of the top section is pulled up in the keeper bead increasing the hold on the polyethylene at all three contact points

Agra lock tops are easily removed by pulling up on the poly tail. The top is constructed with a stiffener bead to maintain the critical holding dimension. This allows the tops to be re usable season after season.


Agra Lock Design Variations

Agra lock gable

Provides a weather tight seal between the double poly roof and the rigid glazed gable. Attach to end arches. Available flat or factory arched in up to 23’6″ lengths.

Agra lock splice

Splice locks poly end to end. Attach to mid arches for long roofs. Attach to end arches for poly gables. Available for flat or arched installations in up to 23’6″ lengths.

Agra lock hat splice

Hat splice locks poly side to side. Attach from arch to arch. Will span up to 6′. Mounted at eaves it will splice a poly roof and a poly or roll up wall. Available for flat installations in 24′ lengths.

Agra lock vent header

Provides the closing point for the bottom of the ridge vent and locks the poly roof below the vent. Attach to steel frame at the bottom of the ridge vent. Available for flat installation in 24′ lengths.

3/12 Poly ridge

Provides for either a single or double ridge vent and locks poly roof to the opposite side. Attach from arch to arch at the ridge. Will span up to 6′. Available for flat installations in 24′ lengths.

Agra lock vent hinge

Provides for a single gutter or wall vent and locks poly to the opposite side. Attach from arch to arch. Will span up to 6′. Available for flat installations in 24′ lengths.


Agra lock Applications

Spring Lock™ / Wiggle Wire

Film and Fabric Fastener

Advantages of the Spring Lock™ / Wiggle Wire system

  • Spring Lock™ does not pinch. bind or weaken the material it secures.
  • Spring Lock™ can be formed to top of curved bows.
  • Spring Lock™ can be secured to any structural members.
  • Spring Lock™ can be used to splice poly.
  • Spring Lock™ can be installed around gable-ends by cutting “V’s” out of the channel.
  • Spring Lock™ channel holds tow springs for a stronger grip.
  • Spring Lock™ film can be removed and reinstalled seasonally.
  • Spring Lock™ does not change holding characteristics, even with repeated use.
  • Spring Lock™ works by pulling the material across the channel, and inserting the soft spring into place in the bottom of the channel
  • Spring Lock™ can hold any flexible material or combination of materials. (from 2 to 20 mil. thick)

Price List Spring Lock – Poly and Fabric Fastener

  • Specifications – per case: 80 pc channel x 6 ft = 480 ft.
  • 80 pc spring wire x 6 ft = 480 ft.
  • Spring Lock channel aluminum – only
  • Spring Lock wire available in stainless steel only.
  • Spring Lock will be packaged with single wire only.
  • Order extra wire from price list below. (Bundles of 100 or Boxes of 400 Springs)
  • Weight per case = 91 lbs.
  • Minimum order 300
Quantity Selling Price
Cases Feet Weight Per Case Per Foot
1/4 120 19 $0.00 1.50 / ft.
1 480 91 $0.00 1.21 / ft.
4 1,920 364 $0.00 1.20 / ft.
10 4,800 910 $0.00 1.17 / ft.

Extra Spring Wire

Specifications: Master Bundle – 4 Bundles of 100 (5 Bundles of 20 Springs)

Each spring – 6.50 ft. Long. Weight per master bundle – 65 lbs. Minimum order 300

Quantity Selling Price
Box – 400 Springs (2600 ft) $0.00 Per Box (1.16/Pc)
Bundle – 100 Springs (650 ft.) $0.00 Per Bdl.(1.21/Pc)

Self Drilling Installation Screws

Selling Price
For Steel: Bag of 400 Screws (1/2″) $0.00
For Wood: Bag of 400 Screws(1″) $0.00
Each bag contains enough screws for a case of 480 Ft.