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Arch greenhouse/Quonset Greenhouse, Gothic Greenhouse, Clear Span Greenhouse are interchangeable.

The Quonset, arch, clear span greenhouse is the most popular greenhouse style for gutter connected poly or polycarbonate structures in the world.    They are available in many different widths and lengths.   They are available in rollform, round or square galvanized pipe, designed to meet many loads.   The arch greenhouse/Quonset greenhouse, Gothic greenhouse are also economical.   The arch greenhouse/Quonset greenhouse, Gothic greenhouse are easily expanded.  

Quonsetter GOLD MEDAL: Quonset greenhouse available as gutter connected or single house.   Our most popular production greenhouse.  Universally popular.  As single structure or gutter connected.   Widths from 18 ft to 41 ft 6 inch.   Smaller models popular with institutions.   Available in rollform thereby nesting for reduced freight rates.   AVAILABLE IN REGULAR QUONSET OR OUR OUTSTANDING GOTHIC 6500.

Expansion Mansion: Great starter house. Economical. Easy to expand. Single or gutter connected. 21 ft wide. Also used extensively by established growers.

Quonsetter 3000: Quonset greenhouse. Using rollform steel marrying strength and affordable pricing for those wanting a 21 or 24 ft wide structure for single units or rollform. 4 ft arch spacing insures maximum strength.

Quonsetter 3600:The workhorse of the industry. Great in all climates. Similar to Quonsetter 3000, except modified Gothic and 6 ft arch spacing.

Quonsetter 6500: This house has outstanding features.  Rollform steel WITH GOTHIC ARCHES, poly or rigid panels.  Nests for reduced freight rates.  Flush mounted purlins.   Engineered to meet 10# live load, 70 mph wind; can be strengthened to 30# snow and 80 mph wind.   Widths from 21 ft to 41 ft.  Column spacing 10 or 12 ft.   Gothic house available with roof and/or sidewall ventilation. 

Econo-Grower: Our lightweight 30 ft and 35 ft poly roof structure for moderate weather conditions, non-coded. Large open bay greenhouses for light loads, extremely economical structure.

Ventsetter 5000: Rollform. Arches on 6 ft centers. Lots of free air. A sawtooth with modified Quonset style roof.