About Free Standing Greenhouse Ground To Ground Greenhouse


Free-standing greenhouse (ground to ground greenhouses), because of their cost, are one of the most popular styles of greenhouse structures.   The free-standing greenhouse, ground to ground greenhouse can be designed as a high tunnel or as an environmentally controlled greenhouse.  Free-standing greenhouses come in a wide variety of lengths and widths; most popular is the 30 ft wide ground to ground greenhouse.  The ground to ground greenhouse often is the built with short sidewalls.   It is a free-standing greenhouse structure popular in reforestation for over-wintering; ground to ground greenhouse can also be designed with environmental controls and can be purchased with a number of different coverings.   Ground to ground, free-standing greenhouses are popular in every climate; we have often supplied them for product, equipment, vehicle storage.   We built ground to ground, free-standing greenhouses as short as short as 40 ft to as long as 1500 to 1600 as they are so adaptable.

  • Pace Setter: Our most popular Ground to Ground Greenhouse.  With or without short sidewalls.  Widths from 16 to 35 ft.   Bow spacing, 4 or 6 ft centers.   Regular Quonset; Gothic style available.  
  • Stallion: Same as our Pace Setter but for heavier snow and wind load using larger size pipe than the Pace Setter.  
  • Kool House:  Available in complete packages for structure only for quick erection.   The original ground to ground greenhouse free-standing structure.  Very inexpensive.  Manufactured with 1.66 O.D. 16 gauge tubing.  
  • Econo-Grower: Our lightweight 30 ft and 35 ft poly roof structure for moderate weather conditions, non-coded.   Large open bay greenhouses for light loads, extremely economical structure
  • PT-30: Modified Gothic greenhouse.  Very heavy duty structure.  With or without sidewalls.  Sidewall extensions 2 ft.  Manufactured with 2 inch OD 14 gauge tubing.   30 ft wide.  
  • Gothic 2000: Rollform greenhouse.  Easily meets 10 lb live load and 70 mph wind.  Can be upgraded with crossbar and upright supports for 30 lb.  Very versatile house.  Meets international building codes.   30 ft wide with or without sidewalls.   Arches on 4 ft or 6 ft widths.  
  • XA-300 Maxi-Vent:  For those who want maximum ventilation to reduce expensive electrical bills.  Supplied as single structure or up to 3 connected houses.  30 ft wide, starting at 24 ft lengths with increments of 4 ft.  Peak and side vents.   For retail and wholesale growing.   Modified Gothic Greenhouse
  • XA-210  Maxi-Vent:  Same as XA 300.   21 ft wide.   Starting at 24 ft length with increments of 4 or 6 ft.    Modified greenhouse shape in single house units.