About High Tunnel Greenhouses


The high tunnel greenhouses are weather protection greenhouse tunnels in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and strengths.   The high tunnel greenhouse is a non-coded but effective greenhouse for agriculture, or horticultural use.   The high tunnel greenhouses are non-coded structures, used extensively for inexpensive structures to extend the season.   This is a low cost structure for quick assembly for small farmers, specialty growers, cold frame needs, etc.   Some of the high tunnel greenhouses can accommodate environmental control and be designed as stronger structures.   Available in peak style, round Quonset style or Gothic.  

  • Field Pro: Available 20 ft, 24 ft, 30 ft wide.  Length 16 ft and up.   Low cost.  Galvanized frame.  The farmer’s choice.  Peak style or Gothic.  
  • Kool House: Inexpensive ground to ground Quonset greenhouse.   14, 16, 18, 20 ft wide.   Lengths in multiples of 4 or 6 ft.   With or without end walls. 
  • PaceSetter:   Many options.   Can be simple structure with or without end walls.  Various sidewall heights available.   Many widths to choose up to 35 ft.   Can be upgrade to year around fully equipped greenhouse or simple high tunnel.  
  • PT 30: Quonset style.  Can be provided with 2 ft sidewall.  Gothic style.   Can be upgraded to year around growing.