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Seasonal Retail Greenhouses

Bench Mart Sr. seasonal greenhouse

You’ll capitalize on spring plant sales with this space-efficient, modular structure. Designed with additional side benching, this greenhouse fits an enormous amount of product in the length of just one parking space (about 18′). Additional benefits include superior strength, easy expansion options, and SNAP 2000 TM connector design for simplified, tool-free set-up. Jump-start your sales season with the affordable Bench-Mart SR system.


Bench-mart SR seasonal retail greenhouse


  • Polyethylene Film Choices: Choose from white or clear poly film with Wiggle Wire TM attachment system
  • Hold Down System Selection: Choose from water tubes or spikes for secure structure placement
  • Center and Side Benching Included: Built-inside and center display brackets and standard bench tops ensure you can start selling quickly
  • Hanging Basket Purlins: Structure comes with four runs of hanging basket purlins and attractively displays baskets conveniently within your customer’s reach
  • Double Sliding End Door: Space saving sliding door measures six feet wide and provide sample room for customer and cart access
  • Slide-Side Ventilation: Constructed of 8mm commercial grade polycarbonate sheeting, our Slide-Side Ventilation helps you easily control the climate and airflow of your structure


  • Width: 17′
  • Length: 24″-96″ (in 6′ sections)
  • Sidewall height: 6′
  • Height to apex: 10′-6″
  • Frame spacing: 6′
  • Door: (2) 3′ wide x 6′-8″ high
  • Cover: clear or white 6 mil. UVI treated polyethylene
  • End wall cover: clear 6 mil. UVI treated polyethylene
  • Frame: 1.66″ O.D. 16 ga. galvanized steel tubing
  • Ventilation: Slide-Side


  • Expanded metal bench tops: These bench tops allow you to increase your merchandising options to include smaller products
  • Additional Side Door or End Door: Add a side or end door to your structure for improved traffic flow and customer access between garden center areas
  • Side Door $436.00 each
  • Additional End Door $436.00 each
  • Wide Selection of Sign Holders: A variety of merchandising options (stand-alone, table top, stake, etc.) and sizes available.
  • Snap Button Design: Simple and strong; our snap button connection system, decreases your set-up time and provides added strength.

Bench-Mart SR greenhouse blueprints


Size Package price with

standard bench tops

Package price with

expanded metal bench tops

17′ x 24′ $11,930.00 $13,450.00
17′ x 30″ $14,615.00 $16,655.00
I7′ x 36′ $17,300.00 $19,860.00
17′ x 42′ $19,985.00 $23,065.00
17′ x 48′ $22,670.00 $26,270.00
17′ x 54′ $25,355.00 $29,475.00
17′ x 60′ $28,040.00 $32,680.00
17′ x 66′ $30,725.00 $35,885.00
17′ x 72′ $33,410.00 $39,090.00
17′ x 78′ $36,095.00 $42,295.00
17′ x 84′ $38,780.00 $45,500.00
17′ x 90′ $41,465.00 $48,705.00
17′ x 96′ $44,150.00 $51,910.00
6′ addt’l sections $2,685.00 $3,205.00

Prices are subject to change. Additional configurations are available. Please call 1-888-334-1440 or email [email protected] for a quote.