Expansion Mansion

Commercial Greenhouses

Expansion Mansion gutter connected commercial greenhouse

Great for single or gutter connected greenhouses.

When you’re a new grower, you’ve got to start somewhere, and our economical Expansion Mansion makes that easy to do! If you’re an established grower you’ll enjoy the simplicity of upgrading and expanding as your needs evolve with this highly versatile structure. The Expansion Mansion provides you with loads of feature selections—like poly film or polycarbonate sheeting, and a wide range of environmental systems. So whether you’re new or established, you’ll certainly benefit from a structure that gets you started and keeps you going for years of profitability.

The Expansion Mansion Gothic Greenhouse is very popular with retail greenhouse clients as well as institutional greenhouse projects.


Economical Advantage:
One of the most economical growing structures for its class, this structure delivers quality and affordability

Optimal Ventilation:
The thermostatically controlled Poly-Vent® ridge and side wall ventilation system provides maximum circulation

Connection Options:
Assemble as a freestanding structure, or gutter-connect to other Expansion Mansions

Finishing Options:
Purchase the frame only or select a complete package, which includes everything required for turn-key operations

Choice of Covering:
Choose from double polyethylene film or polycarbonate structured sheeting

Custom Configuration:
Work with experienced sales team to assemble the appropriate heating, cooling, doors, and environmental systems for your needs

Galvanized Steel Frame:
Constructed of 2″ O.D. 14 gauge galvanized steel, this durable structure holds up to years of extreme elements


  • Width: 21′
  • Length: starting at 24′ with increments of 4′ or 6′
  • Sidewall height: 6′, 7′ or 8′
  • Height to apex: 11′-4″
  • Frame spacing: 4′ or 6′
  • Truss height: Approximately 8′-6″
  • Truss system: 3-part truss made of 1″ and 1.66″ galvanized tube
  • Frame: 2″ O.D. 14 ga. galvanized steel tube
  • Purlin: (1 ) run of 2″ O.D. 14 ga. galvanized steel tube


Choice of Polycarbonate Structured Sheeting:
Work with sales staff to select the appropriate sheeting for your needs

Door Selection:
Sliding or swinging doors available in single or double widths; starting size is 3′ X 6′-8″ but custom sizes are available

Bench Systems:
Choose from a wide range of retail or stationary growing benches.

Heating & Cooling Options:
Heating systems can operate on electricity, natural gas, or propane resources; Cooling system options include: Poly-Vent side vents, Slide-Side Ventilation, HAF fans, exhaust fans and cool pads.

Expansion Mansion blueprint