Green House Buying Considerations

USGR is committed to offering our clients the products and services that fit their requirements, conditions, and budget. We have always strived to provide the highest quality, efficiency, and the best total value.

Some greenhouse manufacturers are basically steel fabricators – buying, cutting, welding, and bending pipe; so, they are committed to that success, and may not be as concerned with quality of coverings, systems, and equipment, as their major emphasis is on selling steel structures.

We cannot be so tightly focused – our commitment is to a wide and divergent client base with many different needs. In some cases, we even have structure fabricated to our specifications to meet our client’s needs.

growing space combined with working space
Environmentally controlled garden center Bangalore, India


Therefore, we do not search out low cost, non-compatible equipment and systems to make our structure package less expensive. Instead, we represent you the client, searching out those materials, systems, and equipments that give you outstanding performance and meet the needs of your crop. A successful project is not based just on structure, and in most cases is the structure is not even a very large part of your investment. Our slogan of “We help our clients grow better crops” goes far beyond the steel structure.

USGR projects produce crops
8 Acre quality plus flower growing facility Denver, Colorado

We have seen numerous situations where low quality systems are incorporated into the steel fabricator’s package, which resulted in poor project performance.
In many cases, unintentionally, because the steel fabricator may not have background in greenhouses or plants or agriculture, or the knowledge the grower/producer/client requires.

Greenhouse Buying Considerations

This “Greenhouse Buyer’s Guide” is provided as a service to our customers despite opposition from some elements in the greenhouse industry. We believe that an aware customer will be a happy and satisfied customer, and this Greenhouse Buying Guide is just one more element of our emphasis on quality.

Wherever you build, the location, weather, load requirements, light conditions, and the crop you grow make your project. Because of our extensive and diversified background, USGR understands the uniqueness of your project. Whether your investment is large or small, USGR can tailor it to meet your requirements and those of the crop.

Our 78 years of service and quality product offerings in over 80 countries has resulted in over 1,500 projects completed and operating. Always consider the experience of your supplier in determining your product source.

Your greenhouse project investment for new construction, retrofits, or expansion is almost always for the purpose of growing plants. Do consider your supplier’s knowledge of plant material, soils, water and light management along with the proper environmental control equipment. As you can see from our information, USGR has a complete plant department and we have been supplying plant material from worldwide sources for all of our 60 year history. USGR’s commitment is to supply you with the best systems to make plants grow better.

Qualify your supplier as to their ability to design a project around your plants’ growing requirements. We have designed projects for horticulture, agriculture, forestry, Aquaculture, and for educational and retail use – from restaurants to garden centers to tropical shade facilities. Arctic vegetable projects, and projects of a very diversified nature, are not new to the USGR organization . But we design these projects only after a thorough study of the plants to be grown and then tailor it to your investment. Your investment demands a thorough knowledge of the requirements of the facility as well as the plants.

Structures that are weak (or over built), heating systems that under heat or heat unevenly, air conditioning systems that create turbulence or cannot properly cool, coverings that do not transmit the proper light, pads that deteriorate in a few years, motors that burn out, and controls that do half the job can wreck your investment very quickly and negate your opportunity for success.

We urge you to always consider the qualifications of your supplier, not just their ability to bend and weld steel. A steel fabricator that welds and bends pipe may supply a structure, but a greenhouse is far more than just welded steel. Because we fabricate a structure is not the only reason to buy our products. The lowest-priced heater or other product going into your project does not necessarily mean that it will satisfy the requirements of your project. These things alone will not make your investment successful and profitable: You require the proper design and implementation of an integrated project with all systems working in unison to economically to produce a quality crop.

We hope to earn the privilege of supplying you with your project or system. But if we are not awarded the project, we want your investment to be rewarding and successful. For this reason, we urge you to qualify your supplier in many areas before buying. If you have local sources of greenhouse steel fabrication or fabricators supplying a structure, consider our firm for your operating systems. We have all the systems and plant technology sources to help you in completing the project. We have integrated systems that are adapted to your climate and crops.

Its Not The Steel Its The Crop

Reforestation Nursery

USGR supplied heating, shade and benches to existing greenhouse

It takes many well integrated systems and equipment to grow
a quality crop. Ground growing using a modern water boom.

Very high quality vegetables in poly covered house.
Poly id 4+ years old. As you can see production still outstanding.

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