Greenhouse Construction


Greenhouse construction is a vital part of your purchase. Many build and install their own greenhouses using local contractors or company staff. Most of the greenhouses we offer are erected by these people as we provide installation, maintenance and operation manuals. In fact, well over half of our clients build their own greenhouses.

Others want independent greenhouse construction experts who are familiar with everything from land preparation to completion to contract for the installation. In this industry, many companies hire regional greenhouse construction companies to make that installation, thereby, contract for turnkey installation. Some, of course, have their own construction teams.

There are a variety of options to assist you in the installation of your structure and component installation. One of the most popular and one we recommend to the client is to contract for a construction supervisor/consultant, then use local labor for most of the installation.  The structures and environmental control equipment, benches, land preparation, heating systems, etc. can be build using local labors.

Our consultants can train locals and do not have to be on site from start to finish. Depending upon the complexity of the project, we have staff and associates who are expert in many types of installation; others for more specific systems. The cost varies to some extent based upon the client’s feeds and the length of time required at site. It should be noted that plumbing and electrical is generally required by license to be a local company. Some installations, particular from some of our industrial clients and from our industrial and urban clients, there is a requirement for a prevail wage. In these cases the construction advisor/consultant is extremely helpful.

Such consultants often can be contracted with as an independent contractor rather than part of the greenhouse and equipment purchase. Contracting with some suppliers, they want to provide this individual and the profit center for the company. Whereas we provide the individual as contract between you and they are established which reduces costs.

We have built greenhouses, domestically and well in over 80 countries worldwide. And know the cost of construction personnel and labor can be a huge Investment as the project is very complex.

We strive, whether domestic or international to help our clients to reduce that cost without compromising quality, end result performance and working only with the most qualified individual. There are numerous occasions where the client wishes to contract complete construction, including all labor. In order to make this cost as reasonable as possible we try to locate for your qualified independent companies who have the proper equipment, qualified personnel, all with extensive background and the ability to know and understand the products we offer and insuring they have installed them properly. They have experience in installing this material.

Again, some companies hire these firms as a profit center. We do not. We locate greenhouse and component installers and act as intermediary between you, the client and construction company so that final result is the most economical and best installation that also results in operational and maintenance education.

We also act as a party to this method with plant growth technology in relationship between crop growth requirements and systems operation.

As our client, we also provide you with plant growth technology that integrates operation of the systems in relation to the crop you are growing. We are one of the few companies in the greenhouse/nursery systems industry that also has a strong plant growth technology background which is offered as a no charge part of your purchase. The object of any greenhouse or systems purchase is made for the purpose of growing better plants. Our mission is make plants grow better.

Many of our clients, some domestic, but most internationally, do their own construction or contract for a construction supervisor consultant. Therefore, they ask us to provide installation tools and materials as part of the project. Upon request, you can provide a list of the most needed tools, or we can provide those tools that can be shipped with the project. This, of course, does not include large equipment such as ladders, post hole differs, etc, but include those hand tools and accessories that are most common and easily included.

Your business is very important to us. Recognizing that construction is a major cost and confusing to many because it is a technology that is different from many types of construction, we seek to alleviate your concerns.