Ground to ground photo album


Our stallion 30′ x 144′ with single layer Poly
in the tropics air conditioner great group for Poly
that is four years old under conditions to 44c (11of)

A series of pace setters for research and propagation

30 ft Ground to Ground 3 Purlins – Himalayas

The ground-to-ground frame is STRONG!

Ventilation on a ground-to-ground houses

Forestry application in British Columbia.

Over wintering 15 ft wide Yearling Houses

Construction in progress. Note anchor details.

Over 12 acres low tech Agriculture bow house
covered with white poly

Pacesetter 30 ft wide, stationary benches,
Polycarbonate covered, Air conditioned, with
roll up outside shade screen. This is teaching facility –
aisle would normally be much narrower

We thought we would end with these Gothic in the
Far North.Just a great picture thank you

30 ft with Ground to Ground.Very easy to build.

Our Senator House air inflated poly house. Simple,