Ground to ground stallion


Very strong house 2″ square steel. Can be purchased with 3 ft. sidewall. Great for heavier loads minimum order 30 ft.

The example shown has square steel. Round or oval is also available. Other widths are available.



  • 1 2″ Steel Bow
  • 2 1-1/2″ Steel Purloins
    (3 Runs) 
  • 3 2-1/4″ Steel Ground Stake
  • 4 2-1/4″ Bow Connector
  • 5 2″ Steel Gable Framing
  • 6 Wood Baseboard
  • 7 8″ diameter. X 24″ Concrete Caisson

The Stallion is our most durable ground to ground house. It is prefabricated for fast shipment and simple construction. The house is constructed with 2″ square or round bows and 1-1/2″ purlins and is mounted with 2-1/4″ square ground stakes. Ground stakes can be raised up to a 3′ sidewall height. The structure can be designed for double polyethylene covering and can also be retrofitted to accept fiberglass. Optional gable framing is available and unit lengths can be either 4′ or 6′ bow spacings. The Stallion on 4′ bays can be certified to accept a 20 pound snow load.