Hobby Greenhouse Accessories

Hobby greenhouse accessories

Shelving System

De-clutter, and clean-up easily with this bi-level unit. Made from galvanized steel, this durable shelvinc system fits perfectly in your hobby greenhouse. Free Shipping*

HG2001 – $0.00

Automatic Vent Opener

Get your plants plenty of ventilation and keep their temperature optimal with our Automatic Vent Opener. Adjusts to a wide range of temperatures.

HG1020 – $0.00 (Multi Line only)

HG1005 – $0.00 (Snap & Grow only)

Galvanized Potting Bench

Durable, stylish, convenient, AND necessary—the Galvanized Potting Bench saves on sore back muscles and lost potting tools. Keep everything within reach in your greenhouse or on your patio. Free Shipping*

HG2000 – $0.00

Extension Kits

Lengthen your Snap & Grow Greenhouse in 4 foot increments with these easily installed extensions. Each section includes one roof vent. Free Shipping*

HG8004 Snap & Grow Silver 8′ x 4′ Extension KitTM – $0.00

HG6004 Snap & Grow Silver 6′ x 4′ Extension KitTM – $0.00

Shade Cloth

Knitted shade cloth provides relief for your plants from the summer heat. Includes brass grommets.

HG1008 – 8′ x 8′ – $0.00

HG1012 – 8’x 12′- $0.00

Shade Kit

The shade cloth kit comes complete with one 6.5′ x 7.5′ piece of 30% shade cloth and clips to the inside framework of your greenhouse. This shade cloth lets an optimal 70% light transmission through to your plants. It is quick and easy to install and it can easily be re-positioned for changing seasons or crops. Shade Kit also includes (10) plant hangers for installation. Free Shipping*

HG1006 – $0.00

Plant Hangers – 10 count

(Snap & Grow/Multi Line)

Designed to hold standard hanging baskets, these easily installed hangers can also be used to install a shade kit. Simply insert into roof channel and twist for secure installation. Free Shipping*

HG1010- $0.00 (Snap & Grow only)

Multi Line Vent Kit

Add an additional roof vent to your Multi Line 6′ x 8′ greenhouse to increase air flow and ventilation. Kit includes one vent window, manual vent arm and hardware to retrofit into any roof panel section of the Multi Line greenhouse. Free Shipping*

HG1021 – $0.00

Shelf Kit

(Snap & Grow/Multi Line)

This light-weight shelf system attaches to the aluminum frame and can easily be repositioned to meet your needs. Free Shipping*

HG1007 – $0.00

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