Ventsetter Greenhouses


5 Great Options For Those
Who Want Connected Units

side view ventsetter

Ventsetter Original
Square/round pipe, slight Gothic style for those wanting 2 or more gutter connected structures. Modified sawtooth.

Ventsetter Series 4000
Roll form true sawtooth structure. Economical, available with overhead retractable shade system. Many outstanding features. Designed for 2 or more houses.

Ventsetter Series 5000
Modified sawtooth. Large vent to gutter. Roll form. With arched roof. Designed for 2 or more houses.

XA 300 Maxi-Vent
Can be built as single house or gutter connected. Modified Gothic. Great mechanical ventilation. 30 ft wide

XA 210 Maxi-Vent
Designed as single house. 21 ft wide. Great air ventilation.