The use of Aquafogs can provide countless benefits in many agricultural applications:
  • Mushroom production
  • Orchid growing
  • Vegetable and fruit storage
  • Livestock cooling and dust control
  • Greenhouse chemical fogging
  • Greenhouse cooling and humidification
  • Greenhouse propagation
  • Bare root storage
  • Tobacco conditioning

Aquafog’s industrial applications can increase manufacturing efficiency and improve the quality of finished products:
  • Concrete curing
  • Municipal odor control
  • Industrial odor control
  • Lumber conditioning
  • Textile plant humidification
  • Printing plant humidification
  • Manufacturing process humidification

For those who want to dehumidify (lower humidity) Acme Fan-Jets are ideal for this purpose. Works with induction fans bringing in fresh outdoor air of lower humidity.

Lowers humidity by inducting fresh outside air into the structure In conjunction with exhaust fans, exhausting high humidity air within the structure.

See Acme Fans. Click here.

The Aquafog is the world’s leader in
quality humidification of all types of buildings

Acme is an excellent method of dehumidification for large structures.