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Tropical Environment

Aquafog® evolved from the greenhouse humidification equipment market. Originally developed for high humidity propagation.

Aquafog focused on the needs of the hard to root propagules, like woodies, ornamentals and grafting. The use of Aquafog can provide countless benefits in many agricultural applications:

  • Greenhouse humidification and cooling
  • Greenhouse chemical fogging
  • Growing Cannabis/Marijuana
  • Vegetable and fruit storage
  • Livestock cooling and dust control
  • Greenhouse propagation
  • Bare root storage
  • Tobacco conditioning
  • Pesticide fogging
  • Growing orchids
  • All levels of plant propagation
  • Tissue culturing
  • Grafting
  • Growing mushrooms

Aquafog’s industrial applications can increase manufacturing efficiency and improve the quality of finished products:
  • Concrete curing
  • Municipal odor control
  • Industrial odor control
  • Lumber conditioning
  • Textile plant humidification
  • Printing plant humidification
  • Manufacturing process humidification

The Aquafog is the world’s leader in
quality humidification of all types of buildings

Foremost in design simplicity. Renowned for superb performance in fields as diverse as concrete curing and mushroom production, odor control, vegetable storage and a full range of horticultural uses such as greenhouse humidity equipment. Whatever your requirements, when you demand high productivity, excellent reliability and low operating costs, Aquafog does the job for you. Here’s why:

Aquafog’s unique design simplifies principal moving parts to one motor and its integral fan. Water or other fluids are fed into the specialized hub of Aquafog’s fan blade assembly where it is subdivided and channeled into passageways running the length of each blade. As liquid exits, it is atomized into ultra-fine fog particles. And unlike other fogging systems which may require permanent plumbing installation, high pressure pumps, complicated filtration, and constant maintenance of clogged nozzles, Aquafog’s streamlined one motor/ one blade design produces and disperses fog using a single nozzle-free blade assembly. Because we use top quality components and engineering teamed with design simplicity, our cost is below many of our competitors’, making Aquafog an exceptional value. That means substantial savings to you in terms of a lower initial investment, reduced operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements. Now that’s the Aquafog Advantage!

All units accept ordinary water supply, even well or pond water without risk of fogging. Secret is in the nozzle-free self flushing design. Units can be run continuously.

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For those who want to dehumidify (lower humidity) Acme Fan-Jets are ideal for this purpose. Works with induction fans bringing in fresh outdoor air of lower humidity.

Lowers humidity by inducting fresh outside air into the structure In conjunction with exhaust fans, exhausting high humidity air within the structure.

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Acme is an excellent method of dehumidification for large structures.