Cannabis & Hemp Indoor And Greenhouse



  • Large or small marijuana indoor or greenhouse cannabis production.
  • USGR specializes in hybrid cannabis, marijuana and hemp greenhouses.
  • Construction expertise, whether indoor, vertical or greenhouse.
  • Indoor grow rooms, greenhouse, hybrid, vertical, commercial, starter, small, large, hydroponic.
  • Plant genetic resource facilities; high tech research facilities.

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In the move from indoor cannabis production to outdoor greenhouse marijuana growing there are some who prefer hybrid cannabis greenhouses. We have an in-depth experience in converting existing warehouse or building into a hybrid cannabis facility including hemp greenhouses and large hemp outdoor production.

There is a major shift to growing cannabis, marijuana and hemp in greenhouses taking advantage of all of the natural climate conditions and sunlight. Cannabis greenhouse facilities result in a reduced investment as opposed to converted warehouse/hybrid cannabis production and indoor growing.

Cannabis Grow Lights are a vital investment to producing a quality marijuana crop. They are an absolute necessity and one of the largest investments that a grower must make, not only the cost of light, but also the electrical consumption and the effectiveness of the plant growth.

Light deprivation for growing cannabis is provided to the exacting demands of the crop. We have vast experience in light deprivation in many crops dating back to our inception in 1942.

The heat requirement for growing cannabis, marijuana and hemp should be designed and tailored to the exact needs of the plant and local weather conditions. We offer extensive expertise in natural gas, propane, oil, geothermal systems, etc. Like cannabis light deprivation marijuana heating systems have always been a major factor of our business in the early 1940’s. Our cannabis heating systems are also designed for economical operation based on BTU per watt of electricity.

The movement of air within the marijuana or cannabis greenhouse is a major factor in control of the plant canopy. To cool the plant, fan and pad evaporative cooling system is essential, as is the marijuana air circulation and dehumidification, whether growing cannabis indoor or in greenhouse/hybrid facilities. Air movement is a major factor in producing a quality product.

Dehumidification is a major problem that USGR recognizes and engineers the air quality to reduce disease. There is also the ventilation of the crop for economical air delivery without bringing in outside pests. We pay very strict attention to the velocity, volume, managing dry conditions as well as highly humid making very sure that the air movement within the plant canopy is managed so the plants do not go under stress.

CO2 production in the cannabis industry will vary from variety to variety, plant density, but like CO2 in the plant canopy at the right ppm and right air movement contributes greatly to the CO2 benefit from the crop.

Facility construction and installation of all systems in the growing of cannabis, hemp and all greenhouse crops from site preparation to a ready to grow facility has been a major part of our contribution to growing plants. We can provide turnkey crews or on-site supervisors or installation of particular systems or equipment. Our greenhouse construction division has a long history of very professional building greenhouses to exacting standards of their in-depth knowledge of plant growth technology. You can depend on expertise of our cannabis construction crew. Our construction crew and installers are also professionals in water management, electrical and all cannabis environmental controls.

We provide the following and more:


  • Medical cannabis projects
  • Recreational marijuana facilities
  • Greenhouses, all sizes, all types, gutter connected, stand alone
  • Cannabis indoor grow rooms
  • High Tech Research Centers
  • Hemp/CBD greenhouse and outdoor projects
  • Greenhouse coverings, poly, polycarbonate, acrylic, other
  • Hybrid greenhouses
  • Vertical grow facilities
  • Turnkey construction buildings
  • Satellite storage and product handling facilities
  • Hydroponic marijuana projects
  • And more, even roof-top


Installation including plumbing and electrical available


  • Irrigation
  • Fertilization
  • Insect Screen
  • Disease Control
  • Odor Control
  • Propagation
  • Expert consultation
  • In- house engineering
  • Support Staff