• Poultry incinerators  
  • Swine and large animal incinerators   
  • Veterinarian animal crematorium
  • Animal incineration as road kill
  • Waste incinerators for all types of product
  • Garbage disposal 
  • Drug incineration 
  • Pet crematory
  • Hotel and resort waste incineration 
  • Meets #4 Classification for animal solids and organic wastes.  
  • Manufactured to exacting specifications. 

USGR is proud to sell Incinerators worldwide. These Incinerators can be used to burn and dispose of many things, but its high temperatures and overall design make it ideal for the disposal of animal carcases Now used for wide variety of incineration needs.  

Our incinerators are high quality, state of the art, meeting standards for incinerator of a wide variety of products, waste and articles of all kinds can be burned in our incinerators. These incinerators replace the large, cumbersome, brick and huge area normally considered as the standard for incineration. But our units replace this type of incinerator in many cases as it is high tech and burns faster and incinerates more in a day than a unit twice as large using refractory bricks.

We have been solicited by governments, airports, hotels and others requiring an incineration that must dispose of waste quickly without odor or smoke which makes them ideal for use in public places.

Animal crematory for veterinarian is becoming very popular and the animal incinerators/crematories are also used for road kill by cities and municipalities. 

There are units that are basically oil pipe steel, cut, welded on both ends, with a door and a burner. This type, of course, is very inexpensive, very inefficient, short life, leaving large residue and is totally unlike the units we offer. You will note there is major reference to our incinerators that refer to animal disposal. Animal disposal in landfills are a thing of the past and many will not accept dead animals.

The units are excellent for crematory for all types of animals. We have a special unit for bird disposal. In most units, feathers when incinerated create tar ball causing problem for removal and reducing life of the unit. Our units completely incinerate the feathers because of the two grate system. Many units manufactured today must have two chamber burners; one chamber initiates the incineration and they have a system to move to the second burn chamber. Our units are stainless steel and burn at such a high temperature you only need one burn chamber.

No temperature monitoring is required; just start the incinerator and walk away. There is inspection door to see when carcass is completely incinerated to ash. Our units also have a very large door that allows the end user to load large animals into the incinerator, up to weights indicated.

Some units are portable on backs of trucks or can be skid mounted. 

The units have been used for disposal of a variety of types of garbage. The length of time to burn and volume depends upon how compact the waste products and moisture content. There is a steam from products with high moisture content, but it is not smoke. Waste disposal is easy and extremely efficient. Because of the mobility of the unit it can go directly to the location of the waste. The poultry incinerators and swine incinerators are often required by local laws to be used in growing poultry and swine and other animals.   Poultry incinerators burn very complete including the feathers with very little ash.  The large animal and swine incinerators are unique animal incinerators in that the heat and incineration has the added benefit of the fat creating the burn and therefore fats and oils are totally incinerated.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: The unit does not burn heavy metal, as these are special units that require temperatures over 2,000 to 2,200 F. They have been used by hospitals, but not for heavy metal nuclear waste. Highway departments, humane societies, veterinary clinics, are just a few of the animal incineration users. Governments would find these extremely valuable for transportation departments, road kill, drug incineration at site of intervention, etc.

All models are factory tested, delivery ready to hook up and operate. Extremely easy to maintain.

For animal disease incineration we offer the following: Bird flu, H5N1 avian flu, and SARS are but a few of the diseases that must be coped with on a daily basis. Disposal of infected carcasses is a mounting problem. Our incinerators are useful for H5N1 avian flu disposal, SARS disposal,

bird flu carcass disposal, and similar disposal problems.

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