About Incinerators


  • Poultry incinerators
  • Swine and large animal incinerators
  • Veterinarian animal crematorium
  • Animal incineration as road kill
  • Waste incinerators for all types of product
  • Garbage disposal
  • Drug incineration
  • Pet crematory
  • Hotel and resort waste incineration
  • Meets #4 Classification for animal solids and organic wastes.
  • Manufactured to exacting specifications.

Our incinerators are used for a wide variety of product disposal. Our incinerators are the finest, longest life incinerators made. Manufactured to exacting specifications.  The crematory incinerators meet the needs of many industries in waste disposal, animal incineration, veterinarian use, hotel and resort waste incinerators and have particularly good use in illegal drug incinerator disposal. Crematory animal incinerator is excellent for waste coming from poultry, hog, many types of birds and even large animal disposal. Garbage incinerator crematory does not produce odor or smoke. Our incinerators exceed the standards of most on the market. The poultry operators use the incinerators on a regular basis and have second grate for better incineration. Being smokeless and odorless our disposal incinerator crematory units are also mobile and being mobile incinerators allows them to be used by coops, municipalities and anywhere animal or waste disposal is necessary. We have several models of incinerators, burning from minimum of 100 pounds to as much as 1500 pounds. Our waste and animal incinerators are valuable in many different industries.

Our poultry and swine incinerators are used by poultry and animal growers worldwide.   Poultry incinerator was developed originally for poultry and swine incinerator that has grown into a major international incineration system.  Poultry incinerator burns feathers and animal completely leaving only a small amount of ash.  All of our incinerators have extremely long life.   Where secondary burning chambers are required, which depends on a few local ordinances, they can be added to customers already using our incinerators.   The secondary chambers are rarely required as there is no smoke or odor.

Waste, garbage disposal incinerators are popular for burning everything from paper, food and most other products except heavy metal.

Some of the valuable uses are as follows: