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Plug Dislodgers

GROWING SYSTEMS’ Convertible Plug Dislodger is designed to accommodate several sizes of plug trays, using a common frame. The entire unit is hot-dip galvanized after welding, and heavy duty construction assures positive alignment. Pins are made of aluminum.

  • Floor Model Plug Dislodger, equipped with 4-inch caster wheels, is easily moved to various locations.
  • Exchangeable Inserts and Hold-Down Units, installed with thumb screws, allow several plug tray sizes to be dislodged with one machine.
  • Available with Manual Foot Treadle or Automatic Air Assist.
  • Depth of pin penetration is adjustable.
  • The top hold-down cover is designed so the unit does not have to be locked during dislodging. Locking device is optional.
  • Pneumatic air cylinders (A) are automatically actuated when the guiding shelf (B) is rotated into position, locking the hold-down rods (C) tightly between rows of cells. This action is controlled by a micro-switch (D).
  • Effective hold-down of trays with staggered rows is accomplished by inserting tray under the long rods, which are adjustable for height and side-to-side positioning.
  • Model on front page is for trays with straight rows, using shorter rods for hold-down guides.

Growing Systmes

Growing Tray

Aluminum rivets (A) “float” slightly, allowing the tapered end to locate the correct position under the drainage hole.

Holding rods (B) eliminate the need for a Hold-down lid, enabling tall plant material to be dislodged.

All Propagating and Plug Trays should be dislodged before transplanting,

provided all such trays have good mechanically-made drainage holes.

Pricing Schedule for Models not listed:

Dislodger Main Frame with locking device
Tray Insert/Hold-Down Device
Pins@$1.54 Per Cell (Example-288)

Pricing Schedule for Additional Tray Inserts:

Tray Insert/Hold-Down Device
Pins@$1.54 Per Cell (Example-288)

Optional – For Models with Lid Only:

If PVC pins are needed for larger holes:
3/8″ PVC pins (per cell)
1/2″ PVC pins (per cell)
3/4″ PVC pins (per cell)

FOB Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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