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Greenhouse, Nursery and Agriculture
Soil Handling and Automated Equipment
For Mixing, Seeding, Transplanting,
Potting, Flat Filling and Bagging

For 46 years of our 78 plus years in business U.S. Global Resources has offered our greenhouse, nursery and agricultural clients both manual and automated soil and media handling equipment that speeds up the process of sterilizing, mixing, seeding, transplanting, potting, flat filling which also lowers labor costs and increases accuracy of these processes reducing waste and contributing to more efficient operation.

Further, USGR has an extremely long history in plant growth technology which benefits our clients because of the knowledge of plant, propagation, germination, media requirements thereby helping our growers select the proper equipment for the crops they are growing.


  • Greenhouses
  • Nurseries
  • Transplant Growers
  • Seed Companies
  • Reforestation
  • Plant Propagation
  • Soil Processor
  • Bagging
  • Agricultural and Farm Companies
  • Landscaping Industry
  • Compacting Companies
  • High tunnel growers
  • Institutions, governments, retail growers, parks and arboretums


Soil Mixers and Media Mixers for soil handling from 1/2 yard batch mixers to our super in-line soil mixer and handling units up to 100 yards. These soil mixers handle a variety of types of soil as well as various degrees of component thorough mixing. Whatever your soil mixing requirements, we have technology and equipment to meet all your requirements.


USGR is a leader in soil sterilization, having the ability to batch sterilize in carts or on the ground. We also have the ability to sterilize permanent growing beds, for those very large clients, sterilizing a complete greenhouse ground area, we have very large tractor-operated field and large ground area capabilities.


Our soil and mix hoppers and feeders are available in 2 to 10 yard sizes. Our mobile box filler is a large hopper and container filler that can be transported to the field for high volume filling of large containers. The hoppers come with a variety of options that include agitators, baffles for sand, low level indicators. The soil hoppers have continuous flow feeders from the hopper that can transport the media to various other machines in a continuous flow operation. It is excellent because the soil feeder allows you to bulk load and therefore operate your potting and flat filling operations for extended periods without re-loading.


USGR offers seeders for the small professional growers to the large volume producer. We offer seeders that will seed a wide variety of seeds and seed sizes. Our seeders are manual, semi-manual and extremely high volume seeding operations. See: Precision Needle Seeder, Compact Needle Seeder.


Our Maxi and Mini Flat Fillers have been in use for many years and universally popular for their efficiency and convenience. They can handle pots and trays up to 18 inches wide and up to 12 inches in height. Maxi comes complete with 1.3 yard hopper.


USGR offers one of the most diversified potting equipment. Handling containers from 4 inches to 18 inches on the Insta-Pro. It can be supplied with conveyors and bulk feeding equipment. Insta-Potter includes 4 cu yard feeder and can accept pots up to 18 inches wide. Insta-Potter II has 2.6 cubic yard hopper and has a wide variety of drill sizes. It is ideal for bare root material as well as other potting uses. A review of all our potting equipment, will indicate to you the diversification, ease and completeness of the potting operation you may require. We also have pot loading equipment.


Bale Busters break up compact pre-mixed compressed bales of peat moxx and various media. The small base buster is ideal, comes mounted on a conveyor custom made to size. Our larger units can handle bales 110 cu ft or smaller. Smaller bales are hand loaded. We also offer fluffer units, as added option.


Our transplanters are ideal for transplanting all sizes and types of transplanting. They come with a variety of stations. Our Euro Assembly Line is ideal for those transplanting different variety plants into such things as hanging baskets and planter boxes.


Designed for watering after potting and flat filling Adjustable water volumes from mist to irrigation.


Special design and custom manufacture to meet your requirements. Our specialty sub-contractors can also cut them, make most of the products listed here to meet specific requirements of our clients.


For those who are also bagging and further processing soil and medias, we have bagging equipment and complete bagging systems as well as sealers, conveyors, shrink wrapping equipment, that will make a complete bagging operation from mixing, to hopper, to conveyor, bagging, sealing and transporting finished product.

Leasing option available.

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