About Bag Sealers


Hot Air Sealers        Pillow Type Bag Sealers

U.S. Global Resources has been offering exceptional high quality hot air sealers and pillow type bag sealers for many years in conjunction our bagging and other types of material bagging. Our hot air sealers and pillow type bag sealers are used for packaging plastic bags. Our hot air and pillow type bag sealers are designed for continuous operation.

Our bag sealers for plastic containers are used domestically and internationally. Our bag sealers are used for sealing a wide variety of plastic shapes and sizes of plastic bags.

Variable speed bag sealers are a specialty of the company. Variable speed pillow bag sealers and standard hot air sealers incorporate digital heat control.

The new control panel we offer maintains a specific temperature instead of variable transformer.

All of our hot air sealers come with attached embossed coding at very low cost. Heat sealing using hot air gives the best assured of proper sealing of plastic bags of all types.

Leasing option available.