About Potting Machines Tray flat fillers


Potting machines for greenhouse and nursery involve the ability to fill various size pots using different types of pots at various speeds and quantities to meet the needs of small grower to very large growers requiring potting of hundreds and sometimes thousands of pots per hour.  Connected to the filling of pots and trays/flats, is also the need to provide a proper size to contain enough soil to meet the grower’s needs.   Very often the grower requires the mixing of soil prior to putting it into the hopper of the potting machine and tray filler machine.   Very often our client buys complete system, integrated to meet all their soil handling needs from sterilizing, mixing, watering, fertilization and conveying the pots and trays.   We have been offering quality products for the greenhouse and nursery growers, domestically and worldwide since 1972. 

When purchasing potting equipment, it is important for us to know size of pot, type of pot, type of media and any other requirements you require.  

We also offer combination flat and pot filler for the smaller grower which also can be joined with a small mixer and hopper of the potting machine.  

We have engineered and designed and supplied turnkey soil handling, sterilizing, potting pots and trays and containers of all sizes worldwide.   We have met needs of small growers, institutions, government facilities and very large commercial growers.   Whatever your requirements for potting machine or tray filler or complete integrated line incorporating all phases of soil handling, USGR can meet your requirements worldwide.   We have supplied potting machines and tray fillers for such multi-national companies as Weyerhaeuser, Syngenta, such diverse governments as China, India, Uruguay to name a few.   Because we have vast plant growth technology, knowledge of media mixes, along with our ability to engineer and desigm, we assure you of our capability to meet your needs.