Bale busters bp-03

BP-03 Bale Processor

BP-03 bale proceesorDesigned for ease of loading and processing peat moss and premixed compressed bales. 110 cubic foot bales and smaller bales can be loaded by hand-operated pallet jack or forklift.

The BP-03 Bale Processor includes a fluffer attachment and automatic misting system that will bring the bales back to the proper consistency needed for plant growth, push button powered tilting, live-walking floor, fluffer attachment, and automatic misting system. Unit is easily moved by forklift.


Power: 5 HP/ 220 V/single or three phase, 50 or 60 HZ
Dimensions: 86″l x 74″w x 110″h
Production: Processes approx. 3 bales per hour
Weight: 3,500 lbs
Options: Auto call system included.
Capabilities: 55 to 110 cubic foot bales*
Note: Not Recommended for use with frozen

Leasing option available.