Bale busters power buster

Power Buster Bale Buster

 Power Buster Bale Buster

Model No: 16560

The PowerBuster is designed to easily load and process multiple or single peat moss and pre-mixed compressed bales (110 cubic foot and smaller).

Features include a 5 HP, 220V electric motor with starter and controls and a live walking floor that meters out consistent amounts of processed material. The PowerBuster can also be used with a Basic Fluffer that will further fluff the bale and bring it back to the proper consistency needed for greenhouse use.

US Patent # 5,597,125


Power: 220 V/ single or three phase/ 50 or 60 Hz
Dimensions: 132″L x 56″W x 100″H
Production: Up to 100 cubic yards per hour
Weight: Approximately 4,200 lbs
Options: Incline conveyor (pg 36)
Fluffing system (pg 24)
Powered tip-table
Portability: Stationary

Leasing option available.