Flat filler model 131

Model 131 Flat Filling System & Pot Filling System

Model 131 Flat & Pot Filling systemFor Growers who need high speed production with uniform filling of multiple types of growing containers (plug flats, hanging baskets and nursery pots).

CAPABILITIES: Production rates as high as 1800 flats per hour while accepting containers up to 12″ high and 20″wide.

BENEFITS: Variable speed components let you set production rates to fit the size of your crew. Variable speed soil hopper supplies soil to a planting conveyor where excess soil is removed by an adjustable soil wiper, compacted with a roller and the finishing touches are performed by a rotary brush. Filled containers travel across the powered pot transfer with unused soil being returned to the soil hopper by a bucket-style elevator: Hydraulic or electric options available.

FEATURES: 1.5 cubic yard hopper, crank handle adjustable compacting roller, powered rotary brush and power sweep. 5HP power unit, powered pot transfer and electric soil return.

OPTIONS: Powered packing roller and lengthwise agitator for media having a tendency to bridge. Custom height clearance available.

Power 6HP, 220V, Single or Three Phase, 50 or 60Hz
Production Up to 1800 Flats Per Hour
Portability 4″ Casters Included
Dimensions 142″L x 61″W x 109″H Hopper Height of 90″
Weight 2,245 lbs.

U.S. manufactured, shipped from
U.S. factories and warehouses

Leasing option available.