Hoppers 2-6_yard

2.6 Yard Feeder / Hopper

2.6 Yard Feeder / HopperModel No:

16031 (single phase)
16033 (thee phase)

Soil feed hoppers not only save labor, they also enhance the continuous flow of your system. With a Bouldin & Lawson Soil Feeder, you spend less time filling production machines with media. The soil feeder lets you bulk load media so that equipment can continuously run for longer periods of time.

Each unit can be used as feed hoppers for continuous soil mixing lines, potting machines, or flat fillers and offers bulk media that is supplied at required levels.

Units may be powered by hydraulic or electric controls. Each hopper features bed roller construction to reduce friction and extend the life of the belt and drive mechanism. The full skirting reduces excessive spillage and dust. An adjustable soil gate directs material flow.

Depending on your need, we offer three standard models: 2.6, 4 and 10 cubic yard. Custom bulk material feeders are also available.


Power: 1HP/ 220V/ single or 3-phase
Dimensions: 110″L x 56″W x 75″H
Weight: Approximately 2,245 lbs
Options: Lengthwise and crosswise agitators, extra-bed rollers and jackshaft for heavier soils, remote start/stop, and auto call which allows the equipment fed by the hopper to start or stop feeding material as necessary

Leasing option available.