Mix-Maker 25 Soil Mixer – Up to 25 Yards

MMix-Maker 25 - Up to 25 Yardsodel No:

12018 (single phase)
12019 (three phase)

The MixMaker 25 Mixing System supplies on-demand delivery of specialized mix suitable for both nursery and greenhouse operations. It can be fully integrated with flat filling or potting equipment for automated supply or manually controlled by an operator.

The MixMaker 25 Mixing System provides a constant flow of evenly mixed soil, including chemicals and fertilizers. The unique FloThru™ Mixing Head ensures that every sampling of soil has the proper ratio of nutrients called for in the formula. This unit is capable of 25 cubic yards per hour of consistently mixed material such as peat, bark, sand, and other materials in plug or potting mix. The MixMaker 25 features FloThru™ Mixing Head with auto water, audible alarm, and automatic system shutdown for empty hoppers.


Power: 220 V/ single or three phase/ 50 or 60 Hz
Dimensions: Subject to specification
Production: Up to 25 cubic yards per hour
Weight: Subject to specification
Options: Extra chemical hoppers Lengthwise and crosswise agitators Additional hoppers are

U.S. manufactured,
shipped from
U.S. factories and warehouses

Leasing option available.