Potting machines es500

ES500TM Potting Machine

ES500 Potting MachineModel No:

11371 (single phase)
11373 (three phase)

With its rugged construction, the ES500 Potting Machine is designed for use with heavy soils, which increases your potting production and eliminates the time consuming work associated with hand potting.

The ES500 Potting Machine fills pots with soil, evenly compacts the soil and drills a hole for the size of the liner being transplanted, giving consistent plant depth while centering the plant. This unit accepts pots from 6″ to 14″ in diameter.

Powered by a 10HP, 20 gallon per minute hydraulic power unit with hydraulic flow controls, the ES 500 Potting Machine provides variable speed controls for the stainless steel soil chain and nickel-plated pot chain. Also included are a stop/start switch on each side of the machine and a reversing valve on the soil chain for easy clean-up.


Power: 220 V/ single or three phase/ 50 or 60 Hz
Dimensions: 118″L x 157″W x 75″H
Production: Up to 3,000 one-gallon pots per hour
Weight: Approximately 3,125 lbs
Options: Additional pot holders
Drill sizes from 1-1/4″ to 8″
Take-Off Conveyor
Accumulator Table
XL Package adds a 4.2 cubic yard hopper
Fills and drills up to 3,000
one-gallon pots per hr.
Portability: Optional

U.S. manufactured, shipped from
U.S. factories and warehouses

Leasing option available.