Potting machines horizontal pot loader

Horizontal Pot Loading System/
Infeed Pot Loaoding Conveyor

Horizontal pot loading systemModel No: 11638

By adding the Horizontal Pot Loading System and the Infeed Pot Loading Conveyor, fewer workers are needed for production. With its high volume output and continuous smooth motion, the pace of production is easily maintained.

A perfect addition to a CM III or CM X potting system, the horizontal pot loading system will dispense 5″ to 14″ pots with the automatic stack dispensing holding table to carry stacks of pots to an 8′ or 20′ long, variable speed in-feed pot loading conveyor.The in-feed pot loading conveyor is perfect for hand-loading pots or feeding with a Horizontal Pot Loading System.

This conveyor stages the pots so they can be automatically fed to a CM III or CM X Potting System. The in-feed pot loading conveyor is available in 8′ or 20′ lengths.

US Patent # 4,666,060

U.S. manufactured,
shipped from
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