Water Chamber


Watering chamberThe PM1090 is constructed of stainless steel with a polycarbonate hood and is designed to provide controlled watering capability for multiple watering applications, such as flats, trays, pots and baskets. It not only makes it much easier to keep the plants uniformly moistened, it also prevents wasting water while waiting for product.

The Watering Chamber can be wired into the production line controls, so that if production is stopped or started anywhere along the line, the watering is stopped and started simultaneously, preventing over and under watering of any product already in the watering chamber.

Available optional extra wide or tall units will accommodate the highest and widest containers, including hanging baskets with hangers if needed.

• Required Amps: 1.5 Amp
• Electrical: 110V
• Production: Up to 2000 Flats Per Hr.

Leasing option available.