HS Remote

The HS Remote:
provides more light and warmth
exactly where it is needed!

Hortilux Schreder is not only the market leader but is also the leading innovator when it comes to developing ideas for supplementary lighting of flower and vegetable production. They have more than lived up to this reputation with the new HS Remote. With the HS Remote, Hortilux Schreder has turned the world of glasshouse supplementary lighting completely upside down – almost literally, as a large part of the lighting installation is not installed in the usual place but rather on the ground or between the crops. Only the lamps themselves supplied with reflectors are suspended at high level in the glasshouse. This technique has several advantages:

  • considerable increase in daylight to the crop due to a reduction of shadow from the ballast (body) and support profile
  • optimum use of warmth from the ballast (body) between the crop
  • quick and easy installation
  • simple maintenance

Using the HS Remote higher yields and better quality is possible, which is why this is an investment that yields! The HS Remote can be delivered in either 400 or 600 Watt units and with five different types of reflector: Deep, Midi, Medium, Wide, and Superwide. The choice of reflector provides better light distribution for any situation. Please contact U.S. Global for more information about the HS Remote or send us your request for a lighting plan, tailor made to suit your exact requirements.

HS REmote - provides more light and warmth exactly where it is needed!

Technical specifications
  HS Remote 400 Watt HS Remote 600 Watt
High-pressure sodium lamp
400 Watt
600 Watt
Electricity consumption
2.3 Amp.
3.3 Amp
(other voltages on request)
230 V/50 Hz
230 V/50 Hz
(Av.) Power consumption
445 Watt
645 Watt
Tolerance lamp/VSA
± 5%
± 5%
Power factor
> 0.85 i
> 0.85 i
HS Remote body
± 6.7 kg
± 8.7 kg
HS Remote lampholderunit
(incl. reflector and lamp)
± 1.6 kg
± 1.6 kg

All fixtures meet the test specifications for professional cultivation under glass (ENEC, KEMA, Insulation class 1 and IP classification for the body, IP 43, and IP classification for the lampholderunit, IP 23. In addition they also bear the CE mark. Different types of lamps, voltages and/or frequencies/filter chokes are available on request.

HS Remote - component sizes